7 B Corp Beauty Brands Championing Sustainability

7 B Corp Beauty Brands Championing Sustainability
With Earth Day falling on 22nd April 2023, we decided to throw the spotlight on B Corp beauty brands. What is B Corp and how many of your favourite beauty brands are B Corp Certified? Encouragingly there are more than you might think with several Space NK brands with B Corp pending statuses. Read on to find out more about some of the best eco-friendly beauty brands. First though…

What Is B Corp & What Does B Corp Certified Mean?

B Corp business are certified by B Lab, an independent non-profit which looks at the company’s environmental and social policies. "It’s not always easy for customers to identify the companies making a meaningful commitment to people and the planet,” says Annie Olivier, Head of Growth at B Lab UK. “Through achieving B Corp Certification, businesses are verified to high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability, and contribute to a global movement changing the economic system.”

It’s a rigorous process and brands have to go through the process every three years to retain their B Corp Certified status. “It took Nécessaire approximately 20 months to become a Certified B Corp,” Nécessaire founder Randi Christiansen tells us. “I think the process sheds light on areas where we hold strength today and areas where we have work to do.”

7 B Corp Certified Beauty Brands At Space NK



The Body Wash- Fragrance Free Refill, £ 40,00

While the brand has never shouted about its sustainability stance, Nécessaire has worked quietly to reduce its carbon footprint and minimise its impact on the environment, from supply chains to packaging. The brand’s Body Wash Refills are made from aluminium which is lighter to ship and requires less energy to recycle. Testimony to its hard work, Nécessaire holds an impressive 98.4 B Corp Impact Score – anything over 80 qualifies as B Corp Certification.



Body Cream with the Extract of Leftover Date Seeds, £ 22,00

From using leftover ingredients, such as date seeds used in this dreamy body cream, to packaging formulas in glass and aluminium packaging, UpCircle is built on a sustainable bedrock. It’ll come as very little surprise that the brand holds a 96.3 B Corp Certification. We also recommend checking out the Upcircle Face + Body Soap Bar Infused With Repurposed Chai Spices, £ 5,50.



Hydro Rush Intense Moisture Shampoo, £ 24,00

It took Amika four years to become B Corp Certified, but it was worth the hard work as the haircare brand received an incredible 99.2 Impact Score. Not only does the Brooklyn based haircare line regularly give back to the community, but it supports its staff with social wellbeing policies and is certified climate neutral. Amika has pledged to be Net Zero by 2023. The formulas are pretty impressive too, including the Hydro Rush Intense Moisture rush which works for all hair types. If all of this isn’t reason enough to fill your bathroom with Amika haircare, we’re not sure what is.



De-Stress Essential Oil Blend, £ 20,00

NEOM became B Corp Certified last month thanks to its decision to use only natural and sustainable ingredients, and organically certified where possible. The luxury wellbeing brand has also switched to eco-friendly packaging, so you can stock up on the dreamy De-Stress Essential Oil Blend without worrying about the impact on the environment.



Superfood Facial Wash, £ 28,00

Like NEOM, Elemis is another British beauty brand that received B Corp status in 2023. While it received a very handsome Impact Score of 93, the brand is planning to continue the hard work so it can re-certify in three years. On its list of sustainable plans, the brand wants to reduce energy, waste and water moving forwards, as well as ensure traceability on all of its ingredients.



Scalp Solutions Balancing Shampoo, £ 30,00

For over 40 years, Aveda has been mindful of its impact on the environment and earlier this year, the brand received a B Corp Impact Score of 89.6. Over 85% of Aveda’s haircare and skincare formulas come in post-consumer recycled bottles and tubes, and it offsets both its own and third-party manufacturers carbon emissions.


Sunday Riley

Good Genes Glycolic Acid Treatment, £ 70,00

Love Sunday Riley’s CEO 15% Vitamin C Brightening Serum or the brand’s bestselling Good Genes Glycolic Acid Treatment? Well, when you choose Sunday Riley, you’re not just making a good choice for your skin but also for the environment. The brand joined the B Corp Certification community back in 2020 with an 80.5 Impact Score.


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Posted: Friday, 14 April 2023

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