11 Beauty Buys You Need To Channel ‘That Girl’

11 Beauty Buys You Need To Channel ‘That Girl’
She wakes up at first light, drinks a litre of water, rolls out her workout mat and begin an online yoga class from a MacBook. Most of us follow at least one person who channels ‘That Girl’ vibes. She motivates you to be more productive with her personalised calendar, to eat healthier with her fridge full of fresh groceries and to take care of your beauty needs with an impeccably stocked bathroom.

For those who aren’t on TikTok, we’re talking about the ‘That Girl’ phenomenon that’s taken the social media platform by storm throughout lockdown and shows no signs of abating – videos with #thatgirl can gather 800 million views. ‘That Girl’ isn’t a specific person but rather a concept to aspire to.

While we can’t help with your organisation or restock your fridge, we have got you covered on the beauty front. Continue reading to discover the best hair, skin, and body buys you need to channel the ‘That Girl’ beauty trend.


Mixed Emotions Eau de Parfum, £ 140,00

While Byredo preceded social media, you’d be forgiven for thinking the monochrome packaging was designed with a beauty shelfie in mind. With a clever blend of woody, fruity and mellow notes, Byredo Mixed Emotions smells different to everyone.



The Body Exfoliator Eucalyptus, £ 30,00

Throughout winter, the air is colder and dryer AKA the worst combination for your skin. Fortunately, Nécessaire’s Body Exfoliator is on hand to give your skin the extra tender loving care it deserves. Containing glycolic, lactic and salicylic acid, the body treatment leaves your skin feeling soft and supple, while the fresh eucalyptus scent fills your bathroom with the most calming scent – because ‘That Girl’ is all about finding your moments of calm.



The Body Wash Eucalyptus, £ 12,00

Sitting next to the body exfoliator, you’ll find Nécessaire’s Body Wash. Packed full of niacinamide, vitamin C and omega 6 and 9, this formula cleanses without stripping your skin. While we’ve gone for the eucalyptus option again, it’s worth noting that Nécessaire also has plenty of fragrance-free products.



No. 3 Hair Perfector, N/A

While she might colour her hair and been firmly attached to her curling tongs, ‘That Girl’ still has healthy and hydrated tresses. We’re putting this down to Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector, the sulphate-free, vegan hair treatment that helps to restore your hair structure and banish frizz.



Blush, £ 27,50

A cult classic (for good reason), this NARS blush is perfect for achieving a natural glow – you know the one you get after spending the afternoon in the warm summer sun. Well, NARS gives you that finish all year round and there is a shade to suit every skin tone. The lightweight powder melts into skin effortlessly and leaves everyone wondering what secrets you’re keeping.



Ambre Scented Candle, £ 35,00

Everyone talks about Diptyque Baies Scented Candle, and it is a truly fabulous, uplifting scent, but ‘That Girl’ knows that Ambre is the unsung hero. The fragrance gives your home a warm, cosy feeling, while the iconic Parisian jar also doubles up a makeup brush holder when the candle has burnt down.


Ren Clean Skincare

Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic, £ 16,00

The move towards filter-free selfies is making REN’s Ready Steady Glow Tonic a requirement for almost every bathroom cabinet. With a mix of lactic and salicylic acids, the lotion helps to gently slough away dead skin, keep your pores clean and leave you with a smooth, healthy glow.


Summer Fridays

Overtime Mask, £ 48,00

Summer Fridays is a much-loved brand, both on and off social media. This particular mask utilises vitamin E and pumpkin and apricot seed powder to gently exfoliate skin and leave it feeling as smooth as butter. Using this once a week will ensure your skin is camera ready, so you can get those all-important #glow shots.



Rose Face Mask, £ 23,00

When it comes to skincare, we know we shouldn’t judge a product on how pretty it is but rather on how effective it is for our needs. However, Fresh’s latest offering scores on both fronts. The creamy formula helps to soothe your skin with the help of cucumber extract, aloe vera and pure rosewater, while the baby blue packaging adds a tasteful pop of colour to your bathroom shelf.



Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash, £ 31,00

‘That Girl’ has an Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Handwash near the bathroom and kitchen sinks. Not just because of the aesthetically pleasing packaging, but because the formula is a joy to use. The specialist blend of lavender, rosemary and cedar provide a mood-boosting, herby scent that lingers on your skin for hours after.



Lash Curler, £ 30,00

The only drama ‘That Girl’ is bringing is on her eyes, with a little help from Hourglass Lash Curler. With the power to reach even the finest, shortest hairs, this curler enhances your sultry stare. The gold plating also helps accessorise your dressing table…

Posted: Tuesday, 18 January 2022

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