Jini Sanassy

After discovering Space NK when she was just 19 and spending all of her wages in the original Covent Garden store, Jini Sanassy never imagined she would have later become Head of PR. Having worked in beauty PR for over 20 years (four of those with Space NK), Jini certainly knows a thing or two about beauty. Read on to find out the skincare products she swears by and how she chooses to unwind on a Sunday evening once her son is in bed…

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The Wind Down

I usually start to switch off around 7pm once my son has gone to bed. I really look forward to a Sunday evening as it is usually the only time in the week that I take some time out for myself. Not only do I like to take more time over my beauty regime on a Sunday evening, but I also like to plan for my week ahead. My job often requires me to travel a lot, so I like to do any packing and get organised. I don’t like to travel light, so all my skincare essentials come with me wherever I go. I usually retreat to the bathroom for my Sunday evening pampering unless my husband wants in on a face mask. If that’s the case, we will both sit in the lounge until I go for a bath. A Diptyque candle (my favourite is Benjoin) and some uplifting music like Lizzo usually completes the scene. I’ll sometimes opt for something from the Calm app or I love Jay Shetty’s ‘On Purpose’ podcast. Rose Gallagher has also just launched a beauty podcast where she interviews some really interesting people from the industry. I love her voice and could listen to her talk all day.

The Routine

My skin is usually very dehydrated and can appear dull if I don’t look after it. I spent years doing the same routine without paying attention to what my skin actually felt like. That was until May Lindstrom told me I should use different treatments and products depending on how my skin felt to touch. I now adapt my regime to address its specific concerns and often change up my products. I usually cleanse with May Lindstrom’s The Pendulum Potion Complete Cleansing Oil and remove with a warm flannel. I also love Kate Somerville’s Goat Milk Cleanser. Dr Dennis Gross’ Alpha Beta Universal Peel pads are a firm favourite too. If I had to leave my house with just one game change, it would have to be these. I use them after cleansing three times a week and always on a Sunday night.

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The nature of my job means that I am lucky enough to experiment with lots of new products. One brand I recently discovered is Odacité. Their targeted serums and the Gua Sha stone are perfect for a Sunday night beautifying session. I use their Ba+S Eye Contour Serum Concentrate with the stone as it really helps my eyes to look less puffy. I then use the All-Embracing Serum Watermelon + Hibiscus Crystal Infused Hydration all over to combat dryness. At night, I also spritz May Lindstrom’s The Jasmine Garden Botanical Facial Mist and then follow with May Lindstrom’s The Blue Cocoon Beauty Balm Concentrate.

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Without fail, I will always have a long soak in the bath on a Sunday evening. Prior to this I do a dry skin exfoliation with Ren’s Guerande Salt Scrub. It’s by far the best scrub I have ever used, and it has completely transformed my skin. Susanne Kaufmann has the most amazing bath and body range. My top three products are the St John’s Wort Bath, the Mallow Blossom Bubble Bath and the Witch Hazel Bath – all of which I always repurchase. Post bath, I use Kora Organics’ Body Balm as it is so hydrating and leaves my skin feeling so soft.

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When it comes to my hair, I always have a blow dry on a Saturday with my friend Trisha at her lovely salon (The Hair Lounge) which is local to me in Caterham. This is my one luxury because I dread a hair wash as my hair is naturally curly. I find that Virtue’s Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner works really well for any at-home washes as it makes my hair feel so silky and manageable. For a more intensive treatment, I turn to Olaplex’s No. 3 – it really does live up to the hype.


I try to get in to bed by 9:30pm on a Sunday and listen to a story on the Calm app for 30 minutes or so. Lights out are at 10pm as I ideally need a solid 8 hours sleep. I am a fairly light sleeper since having my son, but I sleep a lot better if the room is dark. Just before I go to sleep, I dab some of May Lindstrom’s Youth Dew on my face, neck and décolletage and spritz the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. I find the lavender, vetiver and chamomile scent so calming.

Monday Morning

There is also no need to set an alarm as my son always wakes me by 5:45am. I usually wake feeling refreshed and ready to face another week. My job always means I have something exciting going on and every week is different which is a great incentive for getting out of bed on a Monday morning. I’ll usually cuddle him for 20 minutes or so before getting up. I then try to rehydrate with a large glass of water and check my emails for anything urgent. Skincare-wise, I splash my face with cold water and then follow with Dr Dennis Gross’ C + Collagen Brighten and Firm Vitamin C Serum and the C + Collagen Deep Cream. His products really do deliver results.