Best Gel Eyeliners

For an intense hit of colour and a smooth result, a gel eyeliner is your new BBF. Soft and creamy, these amazing formulas can produce some of the most versatile makeup looks. From smouldering smoky eyes to dramatic cat eye finishes, this is a multi-use product that you’ll wonder how you lived without. There are two main types, a potted gel that needs to be painted on with a brush and a traditional stylo. The best gel eyeliners for you will depend on the method of application you prefer and the finish you’d like to achieve.

Gel Eyeliner Pens

A pen provides a neater, clean finish, making it ideal for looks that veer closer to the waterline. This is a more convenient eye makeup product if you’re on the go a lot, as the pen is all you need. Most gel pens are waterproof, so they won’t run or smudge by the afternoon. The formula glides on smoothly, with no tugging at the eye.

Gel Eyeliner Pots

Potted gel liners like the Delilah Gel Eye Liner are presented in a small container and will need a separate brush to apply the product. A finer brush will lend you more precise application. Because you can choose the type of brush you use, this allows for more versatile looks, whether it’s a flat angled brush to get right in the lash line or a wider brush for blending out product to create a dramatic smoky eye. The buildable formula also allows you to control the amount of coverage you would like, so choose this type of gel eyeliner if you like experimenting with different looks.