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Fine Lines & Wrinkles

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Oxygenate the skin, drain toxins and enhance natural radiance with Sarah Chapman Facialift, a unique and resourceful massaging tool. Ideal for tired and congested skin, this massager produces the effects of a mini facelift from the comfort of home.

The Sarah Chapman Facialift massager is a dynamic tool designed to refine and tone the contours of the face, aid lymphatic drainage, relieve tension and lift and sculpt the skin. It boasts eight heads and 48 massaging nodules, which mimic the techniques used by top facialist Sarah Chapman in her London clinic.

Used regularly, the tool brightens, tightens and boosts the skin, reducing toxins, improving circulation and increasing the number of vital nutrients penetrating the skin barrier. The complexion is radiant and rejuvenated.

Key Benefits

  • Oxygenates the skin and withdraws toxins
  • Improves natural radiance and circulation
  • Refines, tones and sculpts the face
  • Aids lymphatic drainage and relieves tension
  • Features eight heads and 48 massage nodules to emulate professional facial massage
  • Increases nutrients that penetrate the skin

SKU# UK200006134

Allowing the wishbone to separate to each side of your jaw, push and roll it from your chin to your ears. Concentrate on the lower half of your face, avoiding rolling across the cheekbones. Push and roll either side of your neck, from front to back, and up and down the sides. Hold the rollers together and use the flat disc tapper to tap all over the face to increase blood flow. Focus the tapper on bony areas and the eye contour.

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Sarah Chapman 品牌的理念是将高效的科学活性成分与功效强大的植物精华融合。Skinesis 配方加入令人神清气爽的自然香气,能提供多感官的皮肤护理体验,实现超乎想象的效果。


192 Reviews


Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

TOP 500


Reviews: 116

二月 24 2023

good for sore jaw

I clench my jaw and grind my teeth, ultimately dealing with with a very tense lower face so I bought this after reading many reviews on the strength of this device. It is strong and a little abrasive on the skin but its the type of deep massage you'd pay for at a spa. I don't follow the guide, I just roll all around the jaw area.


Reviews: 12

一月 01 2023

One of my favourites

I bought this product for myself as I try to live a good and healthy lifestyle. This Facialift Massager does wonders for my skin. Just a few minutes of using it and you can feel the difference in your skin. It really makes me look younger, which is great!

TOP 250


Location: London

Reviews: 200

Age: 45+

Recommends this product: Yes

九月 21 2022

Requires a lot of discipline!

I do not use this tool on my face in line with all the guidelines as some of them are a bit uncomfortable or I get a feeling that I am stretching my skin too much, but overall it is an interesting tool and you have to adjust it to what works for your face. I think it works great around the eyes, cheekbones and the jawline, but you have to be very disciplined about it. In terms of the result, it is difficult to argue "scientifically", but I always remember my face after spending an hour on a massage table (face down), when you can see how your face has been lifted as a result of that "face cradle" on the massage table, so I am always thinking of recreating something similar. The result is obviously very temporary as I doubt one can exercise the muscles on the face to such extent that the face is "lifted", but it is a good addition to any mask to improve circulation, although the price is rather prohibitive I would say


Reviews: 1

Age: 30-45

Recommends this product: Yes

九月 01 2022

Good but odd

I got this with one of the goody bags and was really excited to try it. I love different gadgets and massaging tools. Definitely read the instruction before using, it is not too obvious in this case. I like using it but haven't seen much difference, I am also worried sometime about it actually harming my skin a bit, so I am on the fence with this things. It's also not as versatile as some other massaging tools.

TOP 500


Location: London

Reviews: 102

Age: 30-45

Recommends this product: Yes

八月 31 2022

Pleasant but not sure if this does anything

I actually really enjoy using this product but I could not tell you if this honestly achieves anything. That said, it does feel nice and contrary to some reviews I like the strong pressure it requires. It is a little cumbersome to use but it's also pretty easy - just don't expect it to reach every area of your face.

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