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Aromatherapy Associates

De-stress Muscle Bath and Shower Oil


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Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Bath & Shower Oil 是一款具有舒缓、疗愈功效的沐浴油,含有迷迭香、生姜、薰衣草和黑胡椒精油的疗效,可有效缓解剧烈运动造成的酸痛和不适。在剧烈运动后,使用它可以迅速缓解肌肉的酸痛和不适。


Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Bath & Shower Oil 专为疲劳过度的身心而设计,是人们在忙碌的一天过后用来放松身心的神器。

Key Benefits

  • 缓解肌肉疲劳
  • 缓解关节僵硬和不适
  • 不粘腻
  • 让肌肤变得柔软有弹性
  • 具有黑胡椒、迷迭香、生姜和薰衣草精油的舒缓和提神功效
  • 含有 100% 天然植物提取物

SKU# UK137373912

在全浸浴中加入一瓶盖的量,或者在淋浴之前涂抹在身体上。每瓶足够 20 次沐浴或淋浴使用。

请将瓶子放置在阴凉避光处。打开后,请在 6 个月内用完。仅限成人使用 – 放置在儿童接触不到的地方。不建议孕期使用。如果您患有任何疾病,请在使用前咨询医师。

Format: Oil
Skin Type: Normal

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Aromatherapy Associates 使用纯天然成分,融入香精油,可使情绪趋于缓和平静,缓解身心压力。


99 Reviews


Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews


Location: Singapore

Reviews: 1

Do you have sensitive skin?: Yes

Age: 30-45

Skin Type:: Dry

Best Use: Muscle Relief

Recommends this product: Yes

八月 26 2023

I'm in love

The non-sticky oil has a soothing aroma that helps to relax and refresh the body and mind. It gives tired muscles and limbs renewed energy to take on the rigours of life with ease, releasing stiffness and discomfort while elevating mood and spirit. Shower Oil is just what busy people need to relax after a hectic day. I recommend it for relax, best soa smell.

Mrs Fish

Location: West country

Reviews: 46

Age: 45+

Skin Type:: Normal / Balanced

Best Use: Hydrating

Do you have sensitive skin?: Yes

Recommends this product: Yes

四月 28 2023

Nicest bath oil

This is definitely the nicest bath oil I have used and I have recently bought a couple of very expensive bath oils from renowned brands, so I feel this is a great compliment for Aromatherapy Associates. The luxury oil smells divine, feels lovely on my skin but is not at all greasy or slippery. The bath is easy to wipe afterwards too. I would definitely recommend Aromatherapy Associates although I haven’t tried any other blends/fragrances.

TOP 500


Location: Calgary

Reviews: 117

Age: Under 30

Skin Type:: Dry

Best Use: Muscle Relief

Do you have sensitive skin?: Yes

Recommends this product: Yes

三月 08 2023

the best oil

I've tried all the AA oils and this one ranks number one for me. It has the herbalness of the de-stress mind oil but with the added ginger scent it's super enjoyable. The reason I like this one the best is that you get the luxurious experience of the AA oils while also getting the added benefit of muscle soreness relief. As someone who is on their feet all day this one helps me so much.

TOP 1000


Location: Brooklyn, NY

Reviews: 74

Age: 30-45

Skin Type:: Combination

Best Use: Muscle Relief

Do you have sensitive skin?: Yes

Recommends this product: Yes

一月 20 2023

one of the best AA bath oils

I think all of the Aromatherapy Associates oils are good but this one is just so useful. I used it recently after my body was absolutely aching after doing a 5 mile run for the first time in ages. The scent is lovely and it almost feels medicinal. I would happily repurchase almost all of the AA bath oils that I've tried, but this one in particular will find a permanent place in my bath time treats collection, this one in particular is definitely worth keeping on hand.


Reviews: 12

一月 01 2023

A daily must

I absolutely LOVE this stuff! I've been trying to relax and de-stress a lot more lately and this has helped immensely. The scent is so calming and it leaves my skin feeling so much softer. I use it every night before bed, and I don't think that I could sleep without it anymore!

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