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White Rose & Lemon Leaves A Scented Candle


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Suffuse your home with the romantic fragrance of roses by igniting the Jo Loves White Rose and Lemon Leaves A Scented Candle. Beautifully presented with a silver and glass lid to keep away dust when it’s not in use, it has a classical beauty that complements any room.

Nothing conjures up the spirit of romance quite like the rose, and these candles are made with the finest white Norma Jeane rose blooms, giving the rooms in which they’re burned a gracious, subtly nostalgic atmosphere. Notes of lemon peel lend this aroma a sophisticated edge that recalls the fragility of rose petals, while cedarwood gives it a warmth and softness that speaks of home.

This candle is ideal for special occasions, intimate dinners and long, dreamy summer evenings.

Key Benefits

  • Instantly creates a romantic atmosphere
  • Classic, beautifully rendered scent
  • Stylish yet practical design
  • Combines rose, lemon and cedar

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由荣获大英帝国员佐勋章的 Jo Malone 打造的 JO LOVES 是一个极富创新且令人向往的品牌,产品分为香氛、沐浴、美体和蜡烛系列,灵感来源于 Jo 的回忆和她所热爱的生命中之美好时刻。JO LOVES 于 2011 年推出,Jo 借此可以继续制作精致且出人意料的香氛,而这也是她一生钟爱的事业。


109 Reviews


Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews


Reviews: 15

十一月 23 2023

Okay candle

First, I love the packaging. I love the lid with the clear glass window. It’s not a perfect fit for the jar, but it doesn’t need to be since it’s not like a candle will expire. I received this candle in a set, and I like that I was able to try it at a cheaper price, but I probably wouldn’t get it again. The white rose scent is a little bit too “green” for me, and I think I would have preferred a rose scent that’s a bit softer or muskier. I would have even preferred if the citrus smell was stronger. Something else that I wasn’t too impressed with was the candle wick placement. When the candle was new, the wick looked like it was centred. But as I burned the candle and the wax level lowered, I could see that the wick was actually curved, so the wick would then burn off centre. I know it’s minor detail, but it does irk me when one edge of the candle remains solid while the rest of it melts and burns. For a candle at this price point I was a little disappointed.


Reviews: 1

八月 02 2023

My perfect candle

This is my latest purchase from Jo Loves and not the first in the scent. I got it in one of Space NKs value packs which are very good and I have to say I love it as much as the first one I received. It’s a super classy looking candle but it also smells amazing and burns well. All in all perfect, I just wish it was cheaper.


Location: Guildford

Reviews: 18

Age: 30-45

Recommends this product: Yes

七月 02 2023

The perfect candle!

One of the most beautiful candles. Modern take on rose fragrance and the rose isn’t overpowering. It is a perfectly balanced fragrance with the lemon. It has a very clean, even burn and the fragrance fills the whole room! It also lingers in the air for few more hours even after you stopped burning it.

TOP 250


Location: Bratislava

Reviews: 172

Age: Under 30

Recommends this product: Yes

六月 13 2023

Perfect rose

My favourite rose scent and my most favourite from all Jo Loves. The most beautiful rose, sweet and citrusy, thanks to lemon leaves. The most amazing is how strong and enormous the candle and strong is. This is why I recommend to invest in Jo Loves candles, they are expensive but worth it. Scents are sophisticated, strong and last a long time.

TOP 500


Location: Dorset UK

Reviews: 118

Age: 45+

Recommends this product: Yes

五月 20 2023

Nice candle

I do like this candle but in short bursts because the scent is relatively quite strong but nice. Given that I like subtly in my candles you might want to disregard this. However, as I also like expensive candles, the fact that I only burn this one for half an hour at a time does mean it lasts longer.

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