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Midnight Recovery Concentrate


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Skin Type

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Fine Lines & Wrinkles


Lack of Firmness

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate 专门用于在睡眠期间让肌肤得到修复和再生,让您一觉醒来便拥有焕然一新、活力满满且更显年轻的肌肤。

这款护肤品可在一夜之间消除肌肤干燥问题,午夜至凌晨 4:00 之间是起作用的高峰期,此时肌肤吸收量最多。

本品完美地糅合了多种成分,包括 omega-6 脂肪酸、薰衣草油、月见草油和多年来 Kiehl's 最爱的角鲨烯,不仅可以补充肌肤急需的水分,还可以提升光泽度,翌日即可见到效果。

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate 适合任何肌肤干燥者,可单独使用或在涂抹保湿霜之前使用。只需几滴,即可在翌日早晨看到更年轻的肌肤。

Key Benefits

  • 一夜之间修复肌肤,效果立现
  • 采用独特配方,含有多种成分,其中天然成分多达 99.8%
  • 不含对羟基苯甲酸脂

SKU# UK200006357

Apply two or three drops to clean skin. Distribute evenly by gently pressing your fingertips over your cheeks, forehead, and chin, then massage into skin. Use alone or under moisturiser.

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Kiehl's 药妆发源于 150 多年前的纽约东村。奢华的护肤品、护发用品和身体护理品将古老的草药配方和尖端技术结合在一起。


1073 Reviews


Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews


Location: London

Reviews: 1

Age: 30-45

Skin Type:: Combination

Do you have sensitive skin?: No

Recommends this product: Yes

六月 04 2023

Love it

I have been using this oil for years. I love it: it smells divine - I find lavender quite relaxing before sleep, it is really hydrating and I can see the difference in my skin when I wake up after having applied it the night before, it absorbs quite rapidly and it doesn’t stain/leave marks on bedding. I don’t see a lot of difference in terms of reducing fine lines/signs of aging, but definitely makes my skin look healthier, especially in winter. I would recommend.

Best Use: Hydrating, Barrier Repair


Reviews: 35

Recommends this product: Yes

五月 18 2023

Great oil

I have been using this oil for years and love it. It feels hydrating and comfortable on the skin and doesn’t leave a greasy residue. It is a little pricey but the bottle lasts a long time. The scent is a light lavender smell which is perfect and relaxing for use at nighttime.


Location: Herts

Reviews: 4

Age: Under 30

Skin Type:: Normal / Balanced

Do you have sensitive skin?: No

Recommends this product: Yes

五月 17 2023

Lovely oil

This is such a lovely oil, lightweight and not too heavy, absorbs quickly . Leaves my skin hydrated and not greasy after use. Use this every night and love how my skin feels in the morning. Has a lovely scent that isn’t too overpowering and is calming to use.

Best Use: Treat Pigmentation / Dark Spots, Hydrating


Location: Hampshire

Reviews: 1

Gender: Female

Recommends this product: Yes

四月 09 2023

Received a sample now hooked

I opened my sample 3 days ago, and I’m hooked. All year, my skin has lacked brightness, has has looked tired. Literally overnight I noticed a difference. I’m going to be buying a bottle of this ‘little gem’

Boo 1980

Location: Liverpool

Reviews: 1

Gender: Female

Recommends this product: Yes

三月 29 2023

Fantastic product

I have been using the midnight recovery products for 2 months The makeup remover oil, the concentrate and the moisturiser And my skin is hydrated and glowing each morning I suffer with dry dehydrated skin especially in the winter months and this is just what my skin needed, will definitely be a staple in my skin routine each evening now

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