Together At-Home With Hello October


Suzie Bonaldi is better known as Hello October and if you follow her on Instagram or YouTube you’ll know that she’s a dedicated Libran. Whether it’s her neutral, grey bathroom or her cosy bedroom, Suzie is attuned to creating a calming and balanced environment.

Unsurprisingly, during the lockdown the beauty and lifestyle blogger has extended this to her evening ritual. “Recently I’ve been making my skincare routine much more of an event,” says Suzie. “My sleep has definitely been impacted by what’s going on in the world at the moment and having spoken to a lot of people, I’m not that only one. Plus, we’re all at home at the moment and have much more time to spend on our beauty.” Here, Suzie shares her relaxing routine…


I Always Start By Washing Away The Day…

You’ll probably only ever see me with my hair up when I’m doing my morning and evening skincare routines. I feel like The Grinch with it tied up, but no one likes getting product in their hair. Slip Scrunchies are my pre-cleanse top knot essentials. 

You cannot find a better cleanser than the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel. Trust me, I have tried. I love it. In the evening I massage it into skin and wipe away with a flannel. To make sure all my makeup has been washed away, I double cleanse every evening.

Then, I Choose A Treatment Focus…

While I stick to the same beauty routine in the evening, each night I choose one focus to treat. It can be anything from tanning to a face peel and I alternate between face, hair and body. At the moment, I’m loving treating my hair with hair oil – it’s the only thing keeping me from giving myself a buzz cut!

For example, if it was a ‘face day’ I might focus on exfoliation. I love Oskia’s Liquid Mask, which is a lactic acid micro peel. It helps to ease my pigmentation and acne scarring, as well as keep breakouts at bay. I’ll pop a few drops into my hand, apply and leave it to work its magic while I go and cook dinner.


I’m Strategic With My Bodycare…

Laura Mercier’s Ambra Vanille Souffle Body Cream smells incredible and always makes me hungry smelling it. Although, if I’m honest I really have to be in the mood to moisturise my whole body. Generally I just slather it onto any dry patches, including elbows and knees. I really notice the benefit of this later in the week when I self-tan.

And, Just Before Bed…

I’ll mist my bed with This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. I’ll also mist my face with Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Face Mist and layer Fresh Deep Hydration Face Cream, which is a super light yet seriously hydrating cream that doesn’t feel sticky or greasy. While I have a no-laptop policy in place, I do charge my phone next to my bed. I try to read before I go to bed until I’m sleepy. If I’m struggling to sleep, I like to listen to Spotify’s spa playlist – I highly recommend it if you can’t sleep!