The Luxury Skincare Buys Worth The Investment

The Luxury Skincare Buys Worth The Investment
When a skincare product has a three-digit price tag you're not alone if you instantly question whether it would actually be worth it. After all, there are a handful of budget-friendly skincare products that work wonders and give you change from £50.

There are also plenty of luxury skincare brands that have cult-like followings, including Augustinus Bader, La Mer and Sisley-Paris. It's hard to know which products to splash the cash on though, so we've curated a concise edit of the luxury skincare products we think are absolutely worth the investment.

Augustinus Bader

The Eye Cream, £ 170,00

The Multitasking Eye Cream
There's a lot of hype around Augustinus Bader The Cream and, don’t get us wrong it’s amazing, but The Eye Cream is next level. Whether you want to lift dark circles or soothe puffiness, this gel cream is a worthwhile investment. The TFC8 powered formula leaves the delicate eye area feeling bouncier and we noticed that our concealer goes on and stays in place for longer.



Moisturizing Renewal Cream Suprême Nightly Retexturizer, £ 140,00

The Overnight Skin Smoother
If you want a product that requires minimum effort on your part yet provides maximum results, look to ReVive Moisturizing Renewal Cream Supreme Nightly Retexturizer. Slather a thin layer of this rich creamy into your face and neck 20 minutes before your due to hit the hay and let the expert blend of glycolic acid and glycerin get to work. By the time you wake up, your skin will look and feel smoother, softer and brighter.



Black Rose Cream Mask, £ 133,00

The Iconic Face Mask
Sisley-Paris Black Rose Mask is always worth the investment. The creamy formula melts into skin and transforms a dull, lacklustre complexion into a plumper, brighter one in less than 15 minutes. While the instructions recommend using two to three times a week, we’ve been known to swap this in for our usual day cream when temperatures plummet.


La Mer

The Renewal Oil, £ 120,00

The Lightweight Oil
Our head of PR is a huge fan of La Mer The Renewal Oil. Ask Jini and she’ll tell you that this lightweight face oil can solve every kind of skincare woe. Warm up two to three drops in your hands and massage into your face and neck area, and almost instantly you’ll notice a glow. And, before you question it, it’s most definitely a ‘glow’ rather than shine.


Dr. Barbara Sturm

Hyaluronic Serum, £ 250,00

The Hyaluronic Acid
There are hyaluronic acid serums and then there’s Dr. Barbara Sturm's Hyaluronic Acid Serum. With long and short chain molecules, you get deeper, long-lasting hydration. It also has Dr. Sturm’s signature ingredient, purslane, for an extra dose of hydration and to calm skin. A little goes a long way, so you’ll notice this bottle will last.



r-Retinoate Intense, £ 229,00

The Retinol Treatment
This is the ultimate retinol serum if you’re a vitamin A pro. Medik8 has formulated its r-Retinoate Intense to work 11 times faster and eight times stronger than regular retinol. It also contains copper peptide, squalane and hyaluronic acid to hydrate, nourish and strengthen skin.



NAC Y2 Recovery Mask, £ 115,00

The Complexion Pick-Me-Up
When it comes to 111Skin a lot of people talk about the glow-boosting Rose Gold Booster, which is fabulous, but this mask is the formula we reach for every time our skin is in need of some TLC. Whether we've been burning the candle at both ends or have just got off a long-haul flight, this formula hydrates, nourishes and strengthens our skincare barrier. In our opinion, it deserves a spot in every bathroom cabinet.



Queen Cream, £ 155,00

The Skin-Makeup Hybrid
This is one of those products that you have to try to understand just how good it is. While it's infused with nourishing oils that hydrate and plump skin, it doesn't feel heavy or greasy. It also has a nifty priming effect and blurs pores, fine lines and imperfections. If you have dry to combination skin and wear foundation most days, this will be genuinely game-changing for you.

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Posted: Thursday, 21 April 2022

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