Tried & Tested: Institut Esthederm Age Proteom Advanced Serum

Tried & Tested: Institut Esthederm Age Proteom Advanced Serum
‘Which serum should I be using?’ is a commonly asked question in almost every Space NK store across the country. The best serums are packed full of active ingredients and have the potential to tackle key skin concerns head on. There are hundreds on the market though and finding one that will work for you can be taxing.

If you’re keen for your serum to take a multi-pronged approach to the key signs of ageing, then Institut Esthederm’s newest offering might be one to explore. As Space NK’s Head of Education, it’s my job to swot up on all the new beauty launches and being a fan of Institut Esthederm’s sun protection range, I was very intrigued by Age Proteom Advanced Serum. I used the serum for four weeks and here’s my honest review…

Top Line On Institut Esthederm Age Proteom Advanced Serum

Institut Esthederm might be better known for its SPF, but Age Proteom Advanced Serum is set to put the brand on the map for skincare. Combining years of research and ground-breaking technology, this serum promises to slow down the ageing process, tackling wrinkles, firmness, radiance and uneven skin tone in under six months.

Everything You Need To Know About Institut Esthederm Age Proteom Advanced Serum

Over the years Institut Esthederm has been one of my go-to brands for all things SPF, but this is the first time I’ve ever tried one of its skincare products. On paper, the Age Proteom Advanced Serum has a very impressive resume. It’s been 11 years in the making and comes with some strong claims, the big one being its ability to slow down skin ageing. If a serum promises to stop wrinkles in their tracks, it gets my attention.

How does it work? Well, without getting too science-y, after years of research alongside internationally acclaimed geneticist and molecular biologist, Miroslav Radman, Institut Esthederm discovered the importance of preserving and strengthening the skin proteome (a complete set of proteins, which includes collagen and elastin). The Age Proteom Advanced Serum is geared around helping to protect our skin’s proteome with the help of a very unique extract, snow bacteria which helps to fend off carbonylation (AKA oxidative stress which results in fine lines and wrinkles).

The clinical trials with the serum are incredibly promising with double-digit decreases of all five key signs of ageing, including wrinkles, firmness, radiance, density and uneven skin tone. While the results suggest you will notice a difference after a month’s use, six months is the real sweet spot.

Having used the serum for a month, I can see why you’d keep using it in your routine. The pipette makes application easy in the morning and evening, and I really liked the light, milky texture and delicate fragrance. It smells and feels subtle and fresh on your skin. Plus, it sits really nicely under makeup which is a big draw for me.


The Verdict On Institut Esthederm Age Proteom Advanced Serum

As I mentioned, I only used the serum for a month, so I can’t comment on the longer term effects. I can say with full confidence that I noticed a big difference in my skin’s radiance. Prior to using Institut Esthederm Age Proteom Advanced Serum, £ 86,00 my skin had been suffering from the effects of central heating and cold weather. It was dull, dry and tight. Three weeks into using this serum I noticed my skin felt softer and, most importantly, happier. In the final week, my skin really got its glow on – hurrah!

The all-important question: will I continue using Age Proteom Advanced Serum? In short, yes. I’m a true believer that you have to use a product for three months minimum to see solid results and the change in my skin’s radiance in just a month has been enough to get me excited about the effects of long term use.

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