Amanda Harrington On Her Insider Tanning Tricks

Amanda Harrington On Her Insider Tanning Tricks
From how to tan your hands and feet to making your glow last longer...

As a trained body artist with a degree in makeup and body painting from the famed London College of Fashion, Amanda Harrington is one of the most sought after sunless tanning experts in the beauty, fashion and entertainment industries. Amanda’s varied career has seen her tour with rock stars and work with actors on film sets, creating bespoke tans and body makeup. Meanwhile, her expertise and innovation has resulted in Amanda amassing an impressive A-list celebrity clientele.

“I have adapted my signature step-by-step tanning system so people can get the same results at home,” Amanda explains. “There are no shortcuts but this is a quick and effective way of putting glow into and onto your skin, without sacrificing moisture, for a second skin effect.” Here, Amanda shares her invaluable tips to beautifully bronzed skin…

Tip 1: Prep properly

“Make sure you remove any unwanted hair 24-hours prior to applying your tan. Shaving or waxing in advance allows your pores enough time to close. Be sure to remove any deodorants or body moisturisers containing oils too as oil can cause DHA (the tanning ingredient) to break down, which in turn can make your self-tan separate from your skin. Next, you must exfoliate. Removing dead skin cells with Amanda Harrington New Skin Advanced Glycolic Body Scrub, £ 13,00 will create the perfect smooth canvas. Then, apply Pre-Colour Primer Body, which is packed with hyaluronic acid and collagen to maintain the moisture in your tan.”

Tip 2: Perfect your technique

“We are used to applying self tan with a flat tanning mitt but they can result in streaks and missed patches. Knowing this, I spent many years developing and Amanda Harrington The Face Buffer, £ 12,00, 100% natural artisan brushes that help buff the tan into skin and push the colour in deeper, minimising the risk of streaking and patches. This means, a long-lasting, more natural-looking tan. If you’re worried about your tan collecting around your knees, wrists and ankles, apply a layer of Amanda Harrington Ultra Balm Universal Rescue Cream, £ 9,68 onto your skin before applying tan there; it acts as a barrier of sorts between your skin and the tan.”

Tip 3: Tackle hands and feet

“Use my tanning brushes to perfect tricky areas, such as hands, feet and around your ears. For around your face and ears, use a light spritz of Amanda Harrington Face Illuminating Bronzing Mist, £ 12,00 on The Face Buffer and buff in circular motions around your ears, neck and into your hairline. The skin on your knuckles and ankles can get a little dry so make sure they are super hydrated with Amanda Harrington Ultra Balm Universal Rescue Cream, £ 9,68 before you buff the colour on with the brush. These brushes ensure your tan is even and the balm will prevent the colour from collecting or looking too dark.”

Tip 4: Make your tan last longer

“Prolong the life of your tan by topping it up every 2-3 days with Pre-Colour Primer Body which is a gradual tan. It not only gives your skin a shot of hydration – which is the key to a long-lasting tan – but it also deepens the colour of your skin too.”

Tip 5: Make tanning part of your daily routine

Tip 5: Make tanning part of your daily routine “A light application of tan after cleansing and moisturising will even out your skin tone and act like a semi-permanent bronzer. The rest of your routine can be kept quite simple. Personally, I like to protect my skin with Dr. Barbara Sturm Sun Drops SPF50, £ 125,00 and then I set my brows with and apply mascara. If I am really pushed for time, I use my favourite lipstick, Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick, £ 27,00 in Penelope Pink, and dab some on my cheeks and sweep across my lips and off I go!”

Tip 6: Don’t skip aftercare

“The last thing you want is for your tan to fade quickly. To prevent fading, keep showers fairly tepid and be sure to pat yourself dry with a lightweight towel. My number one tip to prolong the life of your sunless tan is hydration. When your skin is hydrated your tan will look more radiant and fade more evenly. Oil breaks down your tan so opt for a hyaluronic based body moisturiser and avoid retinol or any enzymatic skin care as they can accelerate fading.”

Tip 7: How to fix mishaps

“If you’ve had a bad spray tan or manual tan by a therapist and you find it’s too dark for your skin tone, soak in a hot oily bath with an oil-based body wash. My favourite is Aesop A Rose By Any Other Name Body Cleanser, £ 11,25, which is a natural body wash and packed with essential oils. Then, get out of the bath and brush your skin in an upwards motion with an old towel to lift the top layer of the tan off.”

Posted: Monday, 18 May 2020