Behind the Brand: Odacité


In the Beginning

It was a breast cancer diagnosis in 2004, that first persuaded former advertising producer and Odacité founder, Valerie Grandury to embark on a lifestyle revolution, but in doing so she made a personal promise to herself. “I realised that if I wanted to heal I needed to change everything. I quit my job and went back to school to become a health and wellness coach.”

Valerie Grandury , Odacité founder

As well as moving to Topanga and eliminating toxins and chemicals from her diet, Valerie vowed to ditch chemical skincare products. Shopping for luxury beauty in health food stores however was not what she had in mind. Born and raised in Paris and with a love and respect for high-performance, sensorial skincare, Valerie was disappointed. “When it came to skincare, I was not ready to sacrifice performance. I wanted it all: efficacy, luxury and purity. Not finding, I started blending custom-made skincare, for private clients and myself.” These custom blends proved popular and worked so well that Odacité was born.


What Makes Odacité Unique?

At the heart of Odacité you’ll find the Serum Concentrates, potent blends of 100% natural actives that can be added to any skincare regime and customised to suit your skin’s exact needs. The nutrient rich blends are named to include the active plant oils alongside the benefits they will bring to your skin, for example Jo+L Clogged Pores Jojoba Lavender Serum Concentrate.

Valerie explains “in an ideal world, we would use one product and see amazing results every single day, but we all know that isn’t working! Why? Because your skin is constantly changing.” There are so many factors that cause skin to behave differently, from hormones to the weather; we’ve all woken up to a surprise from our skin, whether it’s a breakout, dullness or uncomfortable redness and it can feel impossible to have a daily skin routine that tackles every surprise your skin brings you.

Beauty Sourced From Nature

Made in California from entirely natural ingredients, the Odacité team combs the world to find the most active plant-based ingredients. It begins with a search for ingredients direct from the wild – as these naturally sown and fertilised plants are usually the most potent. If wild-grown are impossible to find, the team roam the world looking for organically farmed versions. Again, for some rare ingredients these are unavailable, meaning the search moves on, this time hunting for ingredients grown far from polluted areas and free from pesticides. It’s important to Valerie that the clean Odacité formulas are kind to the planet, so every product is vegan, PETA certified and free from fillers, nanoparticles, parabens and synthetic perfumes.

Odacité Today

Odacité’s incredible success with Serum Concentrates has led to the development of a wider range of clean skincare, including cleansers, mists, moisturiser and more; including the brand’s most recent launch, the Crystal Contour Gua Sha Rose Quartz Beauty Tool, a beautiful, cooling piece of rose quartz perfectly shaped to help apply skincare while stimulating circulation and decreasing puffiness.

Inspired by ancient skin rituals and influences from Chinese medicine, Gua Sha bars have been popping up all over LA, exactly where Valerie first found the spark to create these long-lasting, planet-friendly skincare tools. Odacité continues to innovate, while offering an effective and luxurious beauty solution that doesn’t harm the planet. As Valerie says, let the “revolution in clean beauty begin”.

What To Try

The Serum Concentrates are the best place to start, target your concern by supercharging your daily routine with the blend that best suits you. If your skin feels tight and any product you apply is instantly absorbed, your skin is likely dehydrated, (which can happen to all skin types including oily). Combat with two drops of Pomegranate and Rose Geranium mixed with your morning moisturiser to boost hydration without leaving you greasy.

For occasional breakouts apply Black Cumin and Cajeput directly to the pimple overnight and if you endure more regular breakouts try a couple of drops of Grapeseed and Grapefruit mixed with your night cream and gently massaged in each evening. To boost glow for all skin types, supercharge your morning and evening moisturiser with two drops of the universally brightening CaR Vital Glow.