Best Natural Ingredients To Know


Clean beauty is leading the way in skincare and hi-tech blends of super natural ingredients can make a real difference to the skin when it comes to visible signs of ageing and problem solving. Read on to discover the best natural brands for a boosted, more beautiful complexion…

Rice Bran Oil

To balance your complexion, seek out products with rice bran oil. The lightweight texture calms the skin, and evens out excess oil. “Japanese women have been using it for years and I use this in our Clarifying Range as it is one of the most lightweight oils available, making it perfect for oily and blemish-prone skin. It also contains high levels of vitamin E meaning it soothes stressed skin beautifully”, says Votary Founder, Arabella Preston.

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Milk Peptides

Probiotics have been high on the list of must-haves in supplements, skincare and haircare, but the gold standard comes from naturally sourced milk peptides; Aurelia Probiotics are leading the way with the highest grade of bifido bacteria to strengthen the skin’s structure. “Our modulatory glycoprotein (the molecule which helps cell-to-cell communication) combined with a milk peptide protects and restores your skin from within,” says Claire Vero, Founder of Aurelia Probiotics.

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Willow Bark Extract

This wonder bark clarifies and minimizes the pores, which in turn improves skin texture and appearance. Despite having powerful qualities it’s a gentle extract that tones and exfoliates but still leaves the skin calm unlike hi-potency acids. The result? Happily, you can altogether skip the “getting your skin accustomed to it” phase that comes as standard with most other acids.

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Rose Hip Extract

Rosehip is like a supercharger for the skin: packed with vitamin C, and a powerful stimulant of collagen. The antioxidant levels help to fight off free radicals, while plumping the skin from within. What’s not to love?

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