How I Manage My Deeper Combination Skin Tone


Lockdown and working from home has meant we have all had to become our own skincare experts and therapists and allowed us more time to invest in real self care. A great skincare regime is all about listening and learning what your skin needs, as this can change from day to day and month to month. Stress, hormonal changes, your diet and your environment can all affect your skin. My skin is dehydrated and combination. At 42, with a darker skin tone, lines and wrinkles aren’t as much a concern than hydration, radiance, hyper pigmentation and skin texture. Here are some of my favourite products to keep my skin looking and feeling soft and healthy.

I Start With A Deep Cleanse…

The foundation of all skincare is a great cleanser. Taking off your make up and deep cleaning pores all helps to prep the skin. I love Votary Rose Geranium & Apricot Cleansing Oil for a deep clean. Oilier skin types shouldn’t be fearful of using oils, it’s all about choosing the right light oils, which are incredible balancing and purifying. This beautifully light oil is great for my thirsty combination skin. Rose, geranium, chamomile and apricot oils all soothe and soften the skin, helping to transform dull and uneven skin. I sometimes leave the oil on my face for a few minutes after massaging it in, to act as a little rehydrating mask.


Followed By A Spritz Of Rose Water…

I always spritz my face with rose water after I cleanse and I love Chantecaille’s Pure Rose Water. This decadent and luxurious spritz relaxes and uplifts the soul. The quality is exceptional, as it’s made from 100% Rose de Mai, the queen of roses to help nourish the complexion by desensitising the skin, helping with redness, skin irritation and scarring.

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And, A Lightweight Serum For Hydration…

I chase my spritz of rose water by massaging in a few drops of Aesop’s Lightweight Facial Hydrating Serum. This lightweight serum is easily absorbed and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and won’t leave you with a breakout. The serum is enriched with moisturising and skin brightening vitamin B and C. Skin healing aloe vera, panthenol and ylang ylang also helps to nourish and hydrate thirsty skin.


I Use A Facial Tool For Additional Skin Benefits…

I like to use Odacite Gua Sha to massage in my Aesop serum, to help plump, contour and stimulate a healthy glow. Used for centuries in the Far East, this beauty tool helps to lift the face and freshen and brighten the complexion. If you pop the beauty tool in the fridge, it’s great for cooling and soothing under eye bags and dark circles, especially  during hot sticky summer days and nights.

I Finish With My Go-To Moisturiser…

For my final step, I protect and nourish my skin with Aurelia’s Cell Revitalise Day Moisturiser. Having a combination skin type means it can be a challenge to find a face cream that packs an anti-aging punch without being heavy and sticky. Laced with spirit soothing jasmine, tuberose and mandarin, the cream is a pleasure to use. This rejuvenating cream is formulated with 100% pure botanical ingredients, vitamin E, baobab, mongongo oil and kigali Africana to help skin glow.

A little goes a long way so make sure not to overload the skin. Use a large pea size amount warmed between fingertips and massage and press into the skin. Don’t forget to also moisturise your neck, it will thank you for it. Your skincare regime shouldn’t stop at your chin, take all your products down to your décolletage.


And, A Slick Of Moisture-Boosting Lip Balm…

To finish my skincare regime I always like to slick on some lip balm, as lips need plenty of TLC as well. Fresh’s Sugar Hydrating Lip Balm in Blood Orange is a delicious and mouth watering lip which really helps to lock in moisture. A blend of sugar and emollient oils help to keep lips plump, soft and smooth.

Investing in great products and making time for yourself is the cornerstone of a great skincare regime. The skin is the body’s largest organ and helps to detox your entire body. It deserves all your love and attention. Enjoy!