James Molloy's Three Game-Changing Makeup Tricks

James Molloy's Three Game-Changing Makeup Tricks
Makeup artist James Molloy keeps his 438k strong Instagram following inspired with regular makeup tutorials. Watching the ease with which James layers his smoky eye looks is the makeup equivalent of ASMR. With Christmas parties looking set to go ahead we decided to ask him what his three game-changing makeup tips are. We’re talking about the tricks that are easy to employ and make a huge difference…

Trick 1: Be Strategic With Your Primer

“Ensuring your skin is exfoliated and well hydrated is the best starting point. Then it’s all about the layering of product,” says James. “I avoid a blanket of one product all over the face as this can appear flat.” This includes your primer. “Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer SPF 15, £24.00 is great for all skin types and helps to smooth out the skin before you apply your foundation or concealer,” says James. “It’s best to focus the primer on areas where you might be a little more prone to shine, generally the centre of the face.”

Trick 2: Seek Out Good Lighting

It might sound incredibly simple but applying your makeup under the right lighting can make a huge difference to your finished look, especially when it comes to highlighter. “Position yourself in good natural light or a soft direct light when you’re highlighting your face,” suggests James. “This will help you to pinpoint the areas that should glow. Use Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder, £44.00 to brighten the high planes of your face where the light catches for the perfect radiant glow.”

Trick 3: Invest In An Eye Palette

“The party season is playtime for your eyes as far as I’m concerned and Hourglass Curator Palette, £11.00 gives you total control over your look,” says James. “Start your palette with a good neutral, shade COY is a personal favourite. Next add something to give brightness with the MOD or FOX shades, which can both be used to highlight. Jewel tones such as Eve, Pow and Elm are richly pigmented and give the look that pop of colour while being super wearable shades.” The beauty of Hourglass’ palette is that you can pick and choose the shades that suit you – whether you want one, three or five eyeshadows.

One last tip on eye makeup: “when creating a smoky eye, I like to start close to the lash line and blend upwards, this helps avoid getting too big too quickly,” says James. “Start with a pencil, such as Hourglass Mechanical Gel Eye Liner, £20.00, and work a shadow on top to add the softness. Base the lid with a mid or lighter toned shadow and focus the darker shades towards the outer corner of the eyes with a brighter pop of highlighter on the inner corners.”

Posted: Saturday, 23 October 2021

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