Amy Bannerman

Fashion Director of Cosmopolitan and founder of The Jeanius, Amy Bannerman, is as hooked on beauty products as she is on fashion. From perfecting the art of facial massage to her love of clay masks, we discover the products that make her Sunday…

amy bannerman sunday sessions

The Wind Down

Sundays are precious in my week. That moment when you open your eyes and think it’s Monday but then realise you have the whole day stretching ahead of you. Sunday most certainly isn’t a day for plans, my whole week is scheduled within an inch of it’s life so having nothing in the diary feels like the biggest treat of all. I usually have a lie in with a coffee and whichever book I’m reading (often a few at the same time, something heavy and educational and something as escapism) then I head out on Wanstead flats either for a run or for a horse ride. Whether it’s a freezing cold winter’s day or a sunny summer morning, it’s important for me to sweat out the week’s stresses! I have been going to the seaside a lot recently, I bought an old Jeep, so it feels good to bust out of the city and explore the British coastline. I’m quite hardy, as a half Canadian, so a dip is often mandatory despite adverse weather…

The Routine

I wear minimal makeup generally, but on the weekend just some Frog Prince Lipstick and Sisley Lip Balm, some Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer on any blemishes and black mascara on my top lashes. On Sundays I love having a day time bath and reading a book, it feels like an illicit luxury and perhaps something Joan Collins would be partial to. My favourite bath products are some kind of bath salts or if my skin is dry Aromatherapy Associates Bath And Shower Oil. I use a drop on my skin after I’ve towelled off too – the smell is complex and herbal and epitomises cleanliness to me. I hate body products that smell edible – I’d rather eat chocolate than smell like it!

amy bannerman sunday sessions

My facialist Raluca at Pfeffer Sal told me to regularly apply clay masks to avoid oiliness, so I do one of these on a Sunday pre the bath and rinse it off when I’m submerged (so much less messy!). I love the masks that you have to mix with water yourself. I have also got in to sheet masks recently, they’re a revelation! I especially love the eye ones – I have some at work for when I have a special night planned. Just have to ignore the strange glances across the desks while I am wearing them.

I am slightly obsessed by Lisa Eldridge, who is the only person who could clearly instruct me how to do a cat eye with a kohl, via YouTube. Game changer. My obsession is born from her immense talent but also because she always looks off the scale amazing; she puts a lot of it down to facial massage which is something she learnt from her mother. There is a how to video which teaches you her secret moves. After my bath when I’m clad in PJs, often a hybrid of a Champion tracksuit and Gap, I light a fire and settle in with Sisley’s Black Rose Precious Facial Oil and massage my face for around 20 minutes. Pre-bed I have a shower (if you hadn’t gathered by now, I am quite in to bathing!) I wash my hair with Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo and condition with Ouai Clean Conditioner (I wish they would make this smell in to a perfume, it’s delicious).

amy bannerman sunday sessions


Before I get in to bed I apply face oil, and eye cream like Sarah Chapman Skinesis Eye Recovery and lip balm. If I am feeling a bit wintry and pale I will apply some Tan-Luxe The Face drops so that I wake up looking like I’ve been on a mini break in Hawaii. I spray my pillow with This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray, for a guaranteed night of rest and hopefully minimal sleep talking (don’t ask).

amy bannerman sunday sessions

Monday Morning

Monday morning starts with a reluctant 7am rise, a very strong cup of coffee, another shower and my go-to makeup routine. I let my hair dry naturally but quickly curl my fringe with an Oribe Large Round Brush and a hairdryer and blast it with some shine spray. I’ve always thought of myself as low maintenance, until I wrote all of this down! I should probably just move in to Space NK, it would be easier for everyone!

amy bannerman sunday sessions