Mathilde Thomas

As you’d expect from the Co-Founder of French skincare brand Caudalie, Mathilde Thomas’s Sunday night routine features plenty of serious skincare, along with the Sunday staples of lots of quality family time, homemade hair masks and a well-earned relax in the Jacuzzi…

mathilde thomas sunday sessions

The Wind Down

On Sunday morning we all go out together; my husband will run and the girls and I will take our bikes and we will bike 10K before heading home along the river bank. Early morning when Paris is waking up is beautiful. Once we get home we have a family lunch and then I start winding down around 4pm.

What I love to do on a Sunday afternoon is to take a Jacuzzi with my husband. We have one in the garden with hydro jets in it so I get a really good massage, too. My routine is both results-driven and therapeutic; it’s calming but I do want to see results afterwards. I light candles while I’m doing it and I listen to music but what it is depends on my mood. My teenager is generally in charge of the Sunday night playlist! I do my routine in my bathroom or in the Jacuzzi in my garden or in the living room, wherever really. Once I’m out I plan my weekly calendar; I travel every other week so I pack my bag if I need to, then. I don’t get Sunday night blues. Instead I feel happy because I feel I have a great life, a husband that I love, amazing children and a job that is my passion. Now my kids are a little older too so it’s not as exhausting as when they were super young! I’m a bit of an efficient multi-tasker, I have a hectic life in business, and Sunday is no different with 3 kids at home… I do use a lot of products, I feel I am Korean in a way. It’s because I lived in Asia for so long, but I do use them a little differently — in a very fast and effective way.

mathilde thomas sunday sessions

The Routine

I love to do a mini spa in my bathroom on a Sunday. I’m more outdoors on a Sunday so I wear sunscreen all day long and don’t really wear makeup. I love to experiment with products but when I feel my skin is tired I stick to what works for me. I am currently working on new Caudalie products that will be coming up in the next three years so am trying out a lot. In the morning I double cleanse my skin by blending the Makeup Removing Cleansing Oil with the Instant Foaming Cleanser because I like the feeling of the combination on my skin; it feels nourishing but also fresh. Once in a while I use the Foreo Luna Play on my face with my cleanser. I want to try those new LED machines that boost your collagen and elastin too. Right after that I like to spritz my Beauty Elixir to tighten my pores and wake up my skin, then I use Vinoperfect Radiance Serum to brighten, lighten and even out my complexion. It gives me an incredible glow. Then I use the Premier Cru The Serum layered on top to really give back energy to my cells, and for my eyes I always use Premier Cru The Eye Cream because it’s instant gratification and a quick fix. It has light reflecting particles so also makes makeup optional.

At night I always remove my makeup with the same double cleanser ritual, blending on some other products if my skin feels it needs it. I might mix a scrub into my cleanser for example. Then I go to sleep wearing the Vinoperfect Overnight Renewal Cream. I love it because it contains gentle doses of glycolic acid and you wake up with brand new skin. My skin is quite thin and dry so I have to do a lot of moisturising. Whenever I fly I wear a moisturising mask as a regular moisturiser and I also like to layer many textures to moisture it deeply. On a Sunday I do our Instant Detox Mask, it’s my favourite. You leave it on for seven minutes then rinse it away and it works like thousands of micro vacuums to clear out your pores.

mathilde thomas sunday sessions

I’m definitely a shower person but I’m a spa pro because we have the Jacuzzi, so I’m a Jacuzzi person too! I use my Crushed Cabernet Scrub on my whole body, which makes my skin is so soft. I love super natural shower gels, ours are loaded with aloe vera and smell so good. I wash my hair on a Sunday night, I love Christophe Robin Cleansing Mask with Lemon and the Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Seed Oil. I also love all the Leonor Greyl range, I use the Nourishing Treatment Mask and Nourishing Shampoo for Long, Dry Hair. I guess I do take more time on Sunday, I do more sports so take a longer shower and moisturise deeply, and I usually take time to do a hair mask. I like to play with my girls and sometimes we’ll do a homemade mask with egg yolk, rum and crushed avocado. We leave it on for 20 minutes and then rinse; it gives you such shiny, lush hair. I leave my hair to air dry always, I never blow dry it on a weekend. When I get out I love using the Vine Body Butter all over.


I get into bed for around 10.30pm or 11pm; I like to get to bed early. I always read a book in bed, it’s never the TV or papers. I like pillow sprays, right now I’m doing trials of one that uses the scent of one of our night creams. I do a lot of yoga and stretching anyway but I try to do a bit before bed as well. I take an antioxidant supplement, drink an organic herbal tea and then I put in my ear plugs and put on my eye mask before lights out. Ideally, I need 8 hours but I’m a pretty good sleeper.

mathilde thomas sunday sessions

Monday Morning

My alarm is always set for 7am. I feel so happy to start the week that I jump out of bed! I head into the bathroom, brush my teeth and put some cold water on my face before spritzing the Beauty Elixir all over. I have breakfast with my kids at 7.30pm, leave on my bike with my daughter at 8am and am at the office for 8.30am.

mathilde thomas sunday sessions