Rose Gallagher from Mixed Gems Beauty

We chat to makeup artist and Mixed Gems Beauty Blogger Rose Gallagher about her affinity with candles, skincare rituals to target her rosacea and masking with her Dad Barney…

rose gallagher sunday sessions

The Wind Down

I like to socialise with my friends during the week but Sunday is the one day I try not to leave the house if I can help it. I will probably have watched a bunch of Netflix (Pretty Little Liars is my main squeeze) and just chilled out. Then I usually make my way upstairs at around 7pm for a big Sunday groom. Because I am always here, there and everywhere, I use Sunday to do a thorough pamper so that I am ready to go for the week; I mentally prepare for the week on a Sunday and look at what I have to do. I also get into Pinterest on a Sunday evening – I have boards for everything including quotes to inspire me and places I want to travel to.

I am so into candles; I recently watched this animated film Coco on the plane, and it explained the ritual of the Mexican Sugar Skull and The Day Of The Dead and I now understand the process of lighting candles more as a way of remembering those who have passed on. I’m Irish and Irish people have a process of lighting candles for their loved ones – for example if someone has a big work presentation they are worried about, we would light a candle for them and think about them and wish them luck. So lighting candles has become a really special thing for me – my favourite is probably Jo Loves Pomelo.

rose gallagher sunday sessions

The Routine

Throughout the week I have quite a condensed skincare routine – as long as I am clean and hydrated, that’s all that matters. But on a Sunday, every little step is considered. I begin with the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil to remove my makeup in one big go, then I double cleanse with something that targets my rosacea – I either use Tata Harper’s Clarifying Cleanser or the Regenerating Cleanser. For toner I use Sisley – to be honest, I love absolutely anything by Sisley, it all really agrees with my skin.

Serum-wise, it depends on how my skin is feeling, but I have become more and more aware of pollution lately so I try to use something that will protect me. The Darphin Intral Soothing Anti Redness Serum is one of the best things you can use for redness, and it has an amazingly luxurious texture. I always, always use an oil afterwards; I am such a face oil person and I think this is the most important step in my routine. The Tata Harper Beautifying Face Oil makes my skin glow when I wake up in the morning. I also like using Sunday Riley’s Luna Oil. For a cream, I would either use the Sunday Riley C.E.O C + E Antioxidant Protect + Repair Moisturiser as it has vitamin C and protects from pollution, or Sisley’s Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream. I sometimes mask with my Dad – in the beginning it was me convincing him to try things and now he loves it! Our favourites are the Glamglow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment and Supermud Clearing Treatment masks.

2rose gallagher sunday sessions

I should pay more attention to my body but I don’t spend nearly as much as time on my body as I do on on my face. I like Tata Harper’s Smoothing Body Scrub and usually do a full tan on a Thursday, then I top up on the weekend. I like Tan-Luxe Gradual Tan then in between to keep my skin nourished I love Kiehl’s Crème De Corps. The Dr Roebuck’s Nuddy Ultra Hydrating and Repair Crème is like a balm that is really good for if you have eczema. Most fake tans aggravate this little area of eczema I have near my eye, but if I layer this Nuddy cream on first, it’s completely fine. I’m a big fan of Aromatherapy Associates – their oils are so powerful and really work for me. The ones I use most are De-Stress and Deep Relax. I massage a little into the balls of my feet which helps me to sleep each night. My favourite ‘tool’ is the Tweezerman tweezers, I couldn’t live without them.

I wash my hair with O&M Original Detox Shampoo on a Sunday– it always feels like you’ve had a deep clean. I also love their Power Base – the smell is absolutely amazing and it keeps my dyed blonde hair strong and healthy. The Ouai Hair Oil is great after the shower and before blow-drying. I blow-dry my hair straight with a big round brush and tuck the front bits behind my ears which leaves a perfect kink as it cools. I go to bed with my hair still hot and by the time I have slept on it, I have perfect beachy waves by the morning.

rose gallagher sunday sessions


I am always in bed for 9pm; I like to watch a film in bed and then go to sleep around 10.30pm. If I’m not watching a film I will use the Relax Melodies app, which allows you to layer different relaxing sounds to suit you. From time to time I might take up a cup of hot water with me to bed – occasionally I will add in a slice of lemon but to be honest, most of the time I just can’t be bothered to cut up the lemon at night! I always use the This Works Sleep Plus + Pillow Spray on my bedding and around my feet as I think it helps soothe tired or sore feet that have been in heels all day. I’m obsessed with lip balm; the one I use before bed is usually By Terry’s Baume De Rose Lip Care. Right before I go to sleep I apply a tiny bit more face oil so my skin can absorb this as I sleep. I then pop on a silk eye mask and fall asleep.

rose gallagher sunday sessions

Monday Morning

I wake up at around 6 or 7am and take the Welleco Super Elixir Greens Refillable Black Caddy – I really feel this works. I do take a while to get up but once I am actually out of bed and have washed my face, I am full of beans. One of the first things I do in the morning is go out and see this little cat who visits me in the garden, and I eat my breakfast with her – she’s adorable!

rose gallagher sunday sessions