About The Brand

Founded in 2006 by Romano Ricci, Juliette Has A Gun captures the essence of a modern-day Juliette, who uses perfume as a weapon. The French perfume house aims to craft fragrances to match women's moods and feelings. Raised by one of the biggest names in fragrance, Romano Ricci understands the importance of storytelling through perfume. Like makeup or clothing, fragrance is used as a way to express who you are and your feelings. Crafted in France between Paris and Grasse, the capital of fragrance, Juliette Has A Gun unique fragrances are all about being you.

Who Is It For

Juliette Has A Gun perfumes are for the modern day woman. Whether she's feeling feminine, bossy or charming, there is a perfume made to match those moods and mindsets.

Why Space NK Loves

We love that Juliette Has A Gun perfumes are made to be an extension of how women feel, like an accessory that can be changed every day, rather than sticking to the same scent. Whether you like musky, floral or woody notes, there is a Juliette Has A Gun perfume for everyone.