How To Style Frizzy Hair

smooth hair

If you find yourself in a daily battle against unruly hair, it’s time to take control. We get to the root of frizzy hair, untangling the reasons for why it happens, and the products and tools to help keep flyaways at bay.

Why does hair get frizzy?

While shrieks of, “it’s the humidity!” a la Monica Geller spring to mind, frizz actually occurs when hair is dry and the cuticle opens to absorb moisture in the air. This causes the hair to swell and results in hard-to-handle frizz.

What can we do to prevent frizz?

  1. Avoid too much unnecessary drying. Before blasting locks with a hot hairdryer, try towel-drying damp hair first with a super-soft and absorbent AQUIS Hair Towel Lisse Luxe. Made with ultra-fine fibres, these specialist towels are cleverly woven to create channels that quickly wick water away from hair without snagging cuticles or causing friction. If you do want to finish styling with a hairdryer, always use a protective heat spray and seal cuticles with a frizz-fighting treatment rich in argan oil to help smooth, nourish and condition.
  1. For occasions when you do blow dry, try to use a round brush like Tangle Teezer’s Blow Styling Round Tool to help smooth cuticles in the same direction, giving the appearance of sleek and shiny hair.
  1. When it comes to shampoo, look for specific anti-frizz formulas that help to hydrate dry hair. We love Living Proof’s No Frizz and Ouai’s Smooth lines. Try to avoid drying ingredients, such as sulphates and alcohol, which can exacerbate frizz.
  1. Treat thirsty locks to a deep nourishing treatment once a week, especially in the cooler months when there tends to be more moisture in the air. Look for treatments that contain hydrating heroes such as glycerin, coconut oil and shea butter; masks or leave-in conditioners are especially good as they can be left on hair to work their magic for longer.

If your hair is fine and you worry that masks have a tendency to weigh hair down, keep the product away from your roots and concentrate on the lengths and ends instead. Our favourites include Leonor Greyl Masque a L’Orchidee for frizzy hair, Rossanno Ferretti Intenso Softening and Smoothing Hair Mask, and IGK Hair Mistress Anti-Frizz Leave-In Conditioner.

  1. If you’re out and about and your hair takes a turn for the worse, keep IGK’s Swipe Up No-Frizz Smoothing Hair Wipes or Ouai’s Ant-Frizz Sheets close to hand. Both products work to smooth flyaway ends, condition and enhance shine in a matter of seconds. To use, simply swipe the sheet from root to ends to eliminate static and tame unruly frizz. Anti-humidity sprays are also a great way to shield hair from moisture.

Enriched with fortifying vitamins, to nourish and seal hair cuticles, they create a protective barrier and prevent the pesky pouf. We love Oribe’s travel-size Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray for popping in our bags or IGK’s Laid Back De-Frizz & Anti-Static Spray before we leave the house.