Is This Serum The Only Product Your Skin Needs?

Vintner's Daughter

When the founder of Vintner’s Daughter, April Gargiulo, couldn’t find a toxic-free, clean product that would target a multitude of skin concerns, she decided to create her own. We spoke to April about her cult, bestselling serum and why she believes it can give your skin everything it needs.

“I created Active Botanical Serum because I was tired of compromising on quality. I didn’t have a background in beauty; I came from the world of fine winemaking and it’s that same dedication and commitment to quality that guided the sourcing and formulation of my serum. You can’t take shortcuts.”

“After I became pregnant, I started looking at the labels on skincare. I noticed that so many products contained fillers, non-active or cheap, toxic ingredients – even within natural skincare – and that they weren’t the highest quality. Coming from a vineyard background, where we used only the finest ingredients, it really shocked me that I couldn’t find the equivalent in skincare and I set about trying to discover how I could go about creating my own.”

“I was focused on making a product that didn’t exist. I wanted one product that was effective, multi-correctional and 100% active. From the very beginning, it was going to be my dream, desert island product and I wanted it to do everything – at this point I was a new mum and I didn’t have a lot of time for skincare. I wanted the very finest product that was as active and performance-led as it could be and wasn’t going to hurt me or the environment.”

april application

“The formula contains only active ingredients. There are different quality levels for everything – there are wildly different quality levels of olive oil for instance – and we work with farmers around the world who have been producing their ingredients sometimes for generations. We wanted to make a serum that’s nutritionally dense so with Vintner’s Daughter you’re getting everything that plant has to give in its optimal formula.”

“The formulation does so many things at once. I was dealing with acne, fine lines, clarity and dullness and Vintner’s Daughter ended up being sort of like a multi-correctional powerhouse. There are 22 different ingredients which all contain a multitude of minerals, vitamins and a host of omega acids in very bio-available quantities that your skin just knows what to do with. It’s able to repair itself, heal itself and do everything it’s supposed to do to look and feel its best.”

“There’s this idea of fast food, fast fashion, fast everything.  Vintner’s Daughter is about slow beauty. Do you want to buy one beautiful pair of shoes that lasts you years and years or five pairs that don’t see you through six months? Active Botanical Serum is a one-stop-product for clear, healthy skin. We’re led to believe we need a ten-step beauty routine but because this contains everything in its optimal percentages – you really don’t need anything else.”