The Curly Hair Essentials

The Curly Hair Essentials
As anyone with a head full of ringlets or coils can attest, curly hair can be particularly fickle. Not only is it prone to dryness, ply curls with too much moisture and they can easily become limp and weighed down. Curls also need just the right amount of help to define their shape, but use the wrong formula and they can quickly end up stiff and sticky.

Caring for curly hair really needn’t be so tricky though. In fact, if you craft the right routine, curls needn’t feel so high maintenance after all – so let’s do just that. Below, we’ve built the ultimate curly hair routine using the best products for curls.

Living Proof

Curl Shampoo, £31

The Shampoo
Curly hair requires a shampoo that will hydrate without softening curls to the point of limp fluffiness. It needs sturdy cleansing power too; if your routine contains multiple styling products, your shampoo should be able to rinse away scalp build-up with little effort. Living Proof’s does it all, containing emollients to nourish, peptides to add strength and elasticity and sulphate-free surfactants to liberate even the most product-laden scalps.


Living Proof

Curl Conditioner, £31

The Conditioner
Though they may be nourishing, heavy conditioners can often flatten the life out of curls. But not Living Proof’s. It uses shea butter and squalane to add shine, definition and to gently support each and every curl while never hindering volume. Expect a level of buoyancy you’ve never experienced before.


Bumble and Bumble

Curl Butter Mask, £19.2

The Mask
The scalp’s natural oils have a hard time travelling down curled strands which can often leave ends feeling dry, brittle and prone to tangles. That’s where a hair mask comes in. Bumble and Bumble’s rich and buttery formula uses a blend of Brazilian oils to nourish and replenish depleted hair without weighing it down, while also practically melting away tangles – no rigorous brushing required.



Curl Defining Whip, £36

The Mousse
Forget visions of crispy, crunchy ringlets, hair mousse has come a long way since the 80s. Creamy rather than sticky, Virtue’s new-gen formula does a brilliant job of scaffolding the curl pattern without rendering each curl completely stiff. Scrunch a satsuma-sized dollop to completely dripping wet hair (towels are curly hair’s enemy #1) adding more if you have hair that extends beyond your collarbones. Once dry, curls will appear bouncier for longer.



Be Curly Curl Enhancer  , £24.5

The Curl Cream
For extra curl support, curl creams and gels work wonders. Aveda’s formula is like a halfway house between the two. It’s made with a blend of aloe and wheat protein and rather cleverly expands while the hair is wet (again, apply to sopping strands) and retracts as the hair dries, resulting in curls with a ton more backbone. Squeeze a small amount onto the fingers before twizzling through wet curls.


Color Wow

Mist-ical Shine Spray, £26

The Shine Spray
With its inability to naturally disperse oils along the entire length of the hair, curly hair can be prone to dullness but that’s nothing a shine-inducing spray can’t rectify. Color Wow’s formula adds a soft veil of sheen to the hair, without any unwanted crunch, grease or weight. Once hair is fully dry, hold the can around 30cm away (this ensures an even misting) and spritz over the entire head of hair.

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