Jessica Diner

With a whole arsenal of products at her disposal, find out which products British Vogue’s Beauty & Lifestyle Director Jessica Diner relies on to complete her Sunday night routine…


The Wind Down

Generally Sundays are just a bit of a general admin day anyway, but I will sometimes incorporate a bit of beauty into the day before I start it in the evening proper. Often when my son Noah goes down for his afternoon nap I’ll do a sheet mask. I do the laundry wearing one, it’s not unheard of! Proper wind down starts around 8pm once Noah is in bed and we’ve eaten. My husband will be pottering around and I’ll get my bag ready for work. In terms of prepping I’ll always look at my diary for a week ahead, look at where I’m meant to be the next morning if I have an appointment. Mentally it helps me to switch off because I’m not going to bed thinking “where do I need to be tomorrow morning”. I might even write a few draft emails that I know I want to send Monday morning, then when I’m on the tube I ping them all off. I recently upgraded my phone to the plus size because I’m finding I’m doing a lot of remote working, and having a bigger screen and being able to see it better helps me be more efficient.


The Routine

The aim with my beauty routine is to repair, it’s very targeted.  It’s not necessarily about winding down and having a relaxing bath, it’s about doing my beauty jobs. I do it all in my bathroom — I love my bathroom, it’s my sanctuary, and don’t laugh, but I usually do it all sitting on the edge of the bath. If I were to lounge on the bed it wouldn’t feel quite so efficient, it’s a psychological thing! First up I’ll do a squirt of my usual cleanser — I use Sarah Chapman Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse — I love that. Then I add in a dollop of a grainy scrub for a bit of manual exfoliation. I’m quite laborious with it, and really work it in, often with my Foreo. Then I take it off and I do a mask. I’m obsessed with masks, I can’t live without them. My skin doesn’t do so well if I change my regime too much so I usually just change one element every now and then. Masks is where I change it up a lot though. It depends on my skin and what it needs but it’ll either be a deep cleansing, a resurfacing or a hydration one. I love the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask and the Chantecaille Detox Clay Mask but I also adore ones from Dr Dennis Gross and Omorovicza — anything with fruit enzymes. This is the time I tend to my feet too. I use a foot file then slather on a foot cream and then pop my slippers on. Once my mask has done its thing I use a muslin to wash it off or if it’s a clay mask then I use one of my baby’s old sponges, it takes all the residue off much better. Then my night-time skincare routine; I always use a hyaluronic acid like Dr Barbara Sturm’s Hyaluronic Serum and then something anti-ageing. I love the Omorovicza Gold Night Drops and also the Tata Harper Replenishing Nutrient Complex is amazing; it’s natural but potent. I always use an oil in the evenings and love Sunday Riley’s U.F.O. I’m quite fastidious about eye creams, I like light textures and anything de-puffing; I love Kat Burki’s Complete b Eye Crème Complex. I often spritz with a nice mist, I’ve been using Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir forever.


Being pregnant made me more conscious of the skin on my body and I really got into the habit of moisturising morning and evening and that’s sort of continued. Before I wasn’t really into body oils but now I absolutely love them. This Works’ Energy Bank Body Makeover is such a nice dry oil that I used when I was pregnant and still do. I’m a shower girl, always. I like to do a bit of a scrub, I like anything anti-cellulite or a good treatment scrub like the Ameliorate Smoothing Body Exfoliant. When it comes to shower gels anything spicy and stimulating ends up coming home with me, the Malin + Goetz Rum Hand + Body Wash is a favourite. I always wash my hair on a Sunday ready for the week ahead and love Living Proof. I use a lot of dry shampoo and texturisers so on a Sunday night I tend to do a deep cleanse and condition. I’m obsessed with everything from Christophe Robin’s range, particularly the Reparative Mask. Once my hair is done I air dry it and then I go through it with a tong on a Monday morning. My hair styles better when it’s not freshly washed.



On my bedside table I have This Works Sleep Plus+ Pillow Spray, my De Mamiel Summer Facial Oil and the By Terry Rose de Baume Lip Care. I also have some crystals, my rose quartz and fluorite and labradorite. I drink a sleepy tea, usually a camomile blend of some kind and then I get into bed around 10.30-11pm. I might read for a bit or my husband and I might just have a chat. We divide and conquer during the week so Sunday night is a nice chance to reconnect and unwind. I need around 7 hours sleep, I can never usually achieve more than that anyway. I’m quite a light sleeper and am prone to tossing and turning.


Monday Morning

My alarm comes in the form of a small child that starts crying around 5.50-6am. He’ll start stirring which wakes me up. I get up and have a half hour window before he’s fully awake and is like “where are you?” so I make the most of that time! I wash my face and do a quick single cleanse. Then I put my lenses in (I instantly feel more awake and refreshed), use a vitamin C serum like Sunday Riley C.E.O and then a moisturiser like Dr Dennis Gross’ Hyaluronic Marine Moisture Cushion or Darphin’s Hydra Skin Light and finally an eye cream. I need to hydrate pretty much as soon as I get up; in the summer I have water with lemon and in the winter I have cinnamon tea plus I always keep water on my bedside table so I glug that as soon as I get up too. Then I have breakfast and leave my skincare to set in, otherwise it pills when I go to put my makeup on. When I’m doing my makeup I give Noah beauty bits to play with on the bathroom floor; at the moment I’ve got one from Eyeko that he’s just obsessed with!