Vic Ceridono

There’s no such thing as a quick beauty fix for beauty and fashion journalist, blogger and Instagrammer extraordinaire, Vic Ceridono. Her Sunday night routine involves a product for every part of her body, multiple masks and plenty of facial massage. Read on to get inspired…

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The Wind Down

Sunday is the only day where I feel like I have a proper routine. I never have one otherwise, so it’s really precious for me in that respect. I always have a Sunday roast and then Sunday pizza, two traditions, one British and one Brazilian. That’s lunch and dinner by the way, not at the same time! I actually kind of split my winding down moment in two; I do all my body things in the morning after a really long shower and then I leave to go for my lunch. I put a bit of makeup on after my shower, I like to try all those “no makeup makeup” looks out, so like a very light tinted moisturiser or a BB cream and maybe some liquid highlighters. After lunch we’ll stay out until it’s time to go for dinner, and then when I come back I do more of the skincare bit.

I always do my routine in the bathroom. My bathroom is more functional than pampering but I love it because it has skylights in there, which means it has a lot of light in the day. My favourite thing about my bathroom is that I have a lot of cabinet space, I always tell my husband that’s why I chose the house! I love the time that I spend in there, I like to go through the products, maybe re-organise everything; if I get something new in during the week, or if I’m travelling, I might do a different selection for the trip. I think Sunday is a good time to do that kind of thing and it’s so relaxing for me to sort products. I love it when you find things you forgot you had. In the morning I like to play a chilled playlist, nothing too crazy, with a bit of a Motown vibe. Then in the evening I love jazz. With candles, I rotate but I will always have Diptyque somewhere; my all-time favourites are Gardenia and Jasmin. I try to be organised for the week ahead because my weeks are never the same, but when I am at home I normally block my Mondays so that way I know I can just be at the computer working or filming some tutorials. I have a trip almost every week so I try to organise that and do a bit of mental packing.

Sundays are the best day of the week, and I’ve loved doing beauty rituals on them ever since I was little. My blog name – Dia de Beauté – means Beauty Day. It’s a joke I had with my friends. I just think beauty rituals are so important; they can transform everyday moments into something special. I really believe in the power of beauty and how it makes you feel.

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The Routine

I’m definitely more of a shower person. I love scrubbing and taking care of my body skin, I think we take such care of our face skin and forget about our bodies. Especially being from Brazil, we have summer all year so you need to have your feet and your legs looking good all year round. I kind of forgot about that when I first moved here but now I’m more conscious of it. And also the water here is so hard and it dries my skin completely so I need to be more careful. I tend to do at least two scrubs on a Sunday; a harder working one on my legs and bum, and then a milder one for the upper body. Normally on a weekday I do either a scrub or I do body brushing, but on a Sunday I get so excited I want to do everything. Once I’ve done that I use something that is nourishing and hydrating in the shower; I love Aromatherapy Associates Revive or De-Stress Bath & Shower Oil, and Ren products are great, I love their scrubs, bath and body oils. The Atlantic Kelp & Magnesium is anti-fatigue, so especially good for rebooting before a new week starts. If I’m not using that I really love to tailor the scent to the time of day. I love the This Works Energy Bank range if I’m having my shower in the morning and the Deep Sleep range if it’s in the evening; I really believe in the power of scent.

Once I’m out I apply a really thick cream on my knees down and then a cellulite cream on my thighs and bum. Legology Air Lite has been a favourite since it launched. I think I’ve been through over 5 pots, I feel like drinking that stuff, it’s just so good. Then I’ll do a lighter oil or cream on the rest of the body. If I want to use a really great smelling cream I normally just put it on my arms or upper body where I can really smell it.

I am just starting to learn about fake tanning because I am so clumsy with it, I always feel like I am doing it wrong. I love The Tanning Water by Tan-Luxe because it’s completely foolproof and it’s so light. In fact it’s so light you think it’s not going to work and then it does and you get so excited! I still haven’t tried the Wonder Oil, that’s on the shelf waiting. Sunday is a good day to do it because you’re not in a rush and you can apply it properly – always good for a self-tanning product! My hair is super dry so every time I wash it I use a hair mask too. If I wash it on a Sunday then I like to really wash it properly, with a clarifying shampoo first at the roots and then use something more nourishing for the mask part. I’m obsessed with Rossano Ferretti shampoos and masks, they’re like a miracle. For styling, IGK Dry Shampoo Sheets are simply genius.

My skin went through a tricky phase last year, I was having a lot of breakouts; maybe it was hormonal or maybe I was trying too many things. I think I have disguised sensitive skin, I don’t have a lot of redness but it is very reactive, so now I can’t try loads of acids and oils and I have to  be careful. I like a mild cleanser, Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm is a must, or I love the combo of Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip + Foreo Luna, for a deep yet gentle cleanse. Then I use Caudalie Grape Water. After washing my face with the “mean” London water, I always mist this to give my skin some good water. I love doing facial massage. I think it’s so important and if you can do it every day you’ll see a real benefit. I learnt some techniques with this woman in Brazil – in Brazil lymphatic drainage is huge. Anyway she taught me some tricks and I filmed a video for my YouTube channel, but I actually really did it for my own benefit because it’s hard to remember the moves properly. I’ll often watch it myself, maybe that’s why that video has so many views! My skin is also good because I haven’t been in the sun since the year 2000, since I was 15. I started getting sun damage then and I just thought, okay that’s it, there’s no point. So now I’m all about the SPF 30 or 50 every day. I’m a big believer in daily habits, I don’t believe in lazy routines. The little things make such a difference.

I love Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial but I try to balance something like that with lighter hyaluronic acid serums and some salicylic acid for a bit of gentle exfoliation, and I use Odacite serum concentrates to fine tune my regime according to what my skin needs. Sunday night is a skincare mask night for sure. I try to remember to do one during the week but it’s normally so crazy and busy that I feel like Sunday night is the perfect moment to do it. For masks some of my go tos are Herbivore Brighten, Sisley Black Rose, Tata Harper Clarifying Mask and Dr Sebagh Rose de Vie Mask. I like to do multi-masking too, depending on the area.

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There’s no rule when it comes to bedtime, I am a late night sleeper. If I go to bed at midnight I think well done! Brazilians are late in general, I think it’s just my metabolism. I work late in the week and then have dinner late, and Sunday is the same. One thing I love to do before sleep is use the This Works Deep Sleep Sleep Plus Pillow Spray. My lips are super dry, so to solve my lip balm needs, I have both By Terry Baume de Rose and Sisley Confort Extreme everywhere – bathroom, bedside table, work desk, purse… At night though I use Bepanthen from the chemist. I can’t sleep at night without it by my bed, it’s the best thing! I like to apply a thick layer and then in the morning I wet my lips a little and gently scrub it off. My lips feel amazing afterwards.

I would love to meditate and I have tried to be disciplined about being on my phone less in bed, so now I have a stack of magazines by my bed which I am trying to read instead. I keep them along with my Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm, which is the best smell ever! I usually have some kind of aromatherapy oils there too. I’m a solid sleeper, I need about nine hours. I’m very overexcited in the evenings, I never want to go to bed, but then once I’m in bed I never want to wake up. I’m like a spoilt child!

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Monday Morning

On a normal Monday morning my alarm is set for about 9am and I’ll snooze about a 1000 times. I drink The Beauty Chef Hydration everyday in the morning (and evening) and then my husband brings me green tea. I then usually spend about an hour on my phone in bed, responding to emails or Instagram, and then also I check Whatsapp – I do a lot of work on there. I love Mondays because it’s the start of a new week, it’s a blank canvas.

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