Best Bath Oils

Best Bath Oils
Whether you’ve had a stressful day, just completed a killer workout or simply need some alone time, there’s nothing better than a long soak in the bath. Why not elevate your bathing routine with a luxury bath oil? Read on to discover the best bath oils for soothing and de-stressing…


Bath Oil, £ 39,50

For Soothing Achy Limbs
If you've been hitting the gym hard recently, you'll benefit from Olverum's cleverly blended bath oil. The iconic oil utilises the power of 10 essential oils, including lavender eucalyptus and Siberian fir needle. Add a few drops into your bath and you'll feel the tension melt away.


Aromatherapy Associates

Deep Relax Bath and Shower Oil, £ 55,00

For A Spa-Like Experience
Soothe your senses and calm any tension or stress with just a few drops of this comforting oil. Packed with relaxing aromas of vetiver, chamomile and sandalwood, it works wonders for overactive minds, emotional imbalances and even insomniacs. In fact, this particular oil was created by the brand’s late founder to address her own sleep disturbances.


Susanne Kaufmann

Oil Bath For The Senses, £ 50,00

For Pampering The Senses
Formulated with ylang-ylang, lavender and patchouli oils, this is the ultimate skin-nourishing treat. Not only do the rich, natural ingredients help to safeguard your skin and prevent it from drying out, they also help to revitalise your entire body and de-stress the mind.


Ren Clean Skincare

Atlantic Kelp & Microalgae Anti-Fatigue Bath Oil, £ 32,00

For Total Relaxation
Infused with Atlantic kelp and plankton, you’ll be hard pushed to find a more soothing bath oil. What’s more, this one also encourages feelings of relaxation, free-from-stress. Post-bath, your skin looks and feels hydrated, as well as carrying that blissful scent which lingers for hours. What we love most is that you're not left with a greasy film on your skin.

Posted: Tuesday, 17 January 2023