Estée Lalonde

From yoga to face masks and why you’ll always find her blasting her favourite music, we caught up with influencer and author Estée Lalonde to find out what helps her to switch off on a Sunday and how she mentally prepares herself for a busy week ahead…

Estee Lalonde

The Wind Down

My work schedule is pretty erratic so that can eat into my bed time and the time I start winding down. Sometimes I’m asleep by 10pm and other times I’ll be up until 3am, but I always try to start relaxing a couple of hours before bed. It would be my dream to have a steady routine of going to bed and waking up at the same time every day – I can’t even imagine that! I try to keep Sundays as my chill out day. To-do lists are an essential for me and I try to get them ticked off by Sunday, leaving me time to do a few small jobs or a relaxing activity like yoga, so by the time evening arrives I’m usually quite relaxed and feeling ready for the new week. I love having a bath on Sunday evening and almost always do, it helps melt away the stresses of the week and mentally prepares me for Monday. Sundays are also a good chance to reset your routine, not only by finishing off chores but also with my skincare. I listen to music all day, every day. I’ll either have my headphones on or my speakers blasting loud, even when I’m in the bath and doing my beauty routine. I tend to listen to chilled out or calming music or one of my favourite albums by Fleetwood Mac or Wet that make me feel relaxed and at home.

Estee Lalonde

The Routine

Usually I love doing my whole routine in my bathroom but sometimes when I’m really busy I need to multi-task, so I might do a face mask while I’m cleaning or sort out some bills with a hair mask on. I always do a hair mask on a Sunday, because I’m blonde my hair requires a lot of love and care to stay healthy. So I’ll put a mask on overnight and keep my hair into a low bun and then wash it first thing on Monday morning. I love all of Oribe’s products, especially the ones tailored to blondes like Oribe’s Masque for Beautiful Colour and the Bright Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner. I would describe my skin as dehydrated and it can also look dull so my aim is definitely good exfoliation and hydration. I’m lucky that I don’t suffer with acne but I can feel quite sensitive. I absolutely love that feeling when your skin is properly moisturised and smooth – it’s like your skin is brand new! When resurfacing the skin, I find physical exfoliators very effective but I’m always gentle with them so they aren’t too harsh. Two of my favourites are Oskia’s Micro Exfoliating Balm or May Lindstrom’s The Clean Dirt. I also use a chemical exfoliator, like Ren Ready Steady Glow AHA Tonic, which is great to use for immediate results as it helps to give my skin a real glow. Then I’ll finish with my Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum and my Dr Dennis Gross C+ Collagen Deep Cream. Masks make such a difference to the way my skin looks and feels and I love applying them regularly. My favourites are the May Lindstrom Honey Mud Mask, Tata Harper Clarifying Mask and the La Mer The Treatment Lotion Hydrating Mask. I also love the Colbert Facial Disks – they’re my best kept skincare secret. I’m having a bit of a moment with ampoules at the moment too. I love the way they are portioned up into the correct dosage size, so you know the right amount to use and they’re good for hydration.  A new product I’ve tried recently that I’m really excited about is the Chantecaille Rose de Mai Face Oil. It’s infused with amazing ingredients and in the cold weather oils are a must have for me to nourish and rehydrate my skin. I want to try and get into facial massaging more regularly. I love using jade rollers and other massage tools like Herbivore’s Jade Roller but I don’t often have time to massage as regularly as I’d like.

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Having a bath is my favourite beauty ritual; on Sundays it’s baths all the way for me and I love to completely relax in the tub. Hydration is definitely my aim when it comes to my body. I don’t exfoliate my body during the week so Sunday is my day to do that, it’s a chance to treat myself from head to toe so I love to do a good body scrub to boost circulation and smooth my skin. For me, candles are an absolute essential. They’re like breathing to me! I have them all over the house including the bathroom. Diptyque’s Figuier is one of my all-time favourites. The Aromatherapy Associates Oils and Mio’s Liquid Yoga are perfect for the bath or if I’m showering Malin + Goetz Body Washes are my favourite. While I’m soaking I like to use body exfoliators like Omorovicza’s Gold Sugar Scrub and once I’m out, I layer on body butters and oils. I’d love to be a beauty minimalist but that’s just not in my nature, in reality I have so many lotions and potions. Nothing feels better than a post-bath moisturised body. During the week, when time is of the essence I use a lightweight lotion that sinks in quickly as I’m usually in a hurry, but on Sundays I go for a more luxurious product like Caudalie’s Divine Oil or Nuxe Body Oil as I have a little more time to let it sink in.

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I try and stay away from technology at night and don’t have a TV in my room. I always try and switch my phone off before bed too, so you’ll usually find me curled up with a book for thirty minutes before falling asleep. My routine is a bit haphazard in the evenings, so I rely on a couple of things to help me sleep like This Works Pillow Spray, which I mist over my bed. I also slather on a generous dollop of Kiehl’s Hand Salve and some By Terry’s nourishing lip balm to smooth my parched lips. If I’m really organised and on top of my game, I try and do an evening yin yoga class and I’ll have a calming cup of chamomile tea to help me unwind. When it comes to drifting off, a quality silk eye mask like Slip’s Eye Mask are so helpful, and ear plugs too.

estee lalonde

Monday Morning

I usually wake up around 7am or sometimes a bit earlier depending on how busy my day is looking. Once my alarm goes off, I’m up and awake – no rest for the wicked! The first three things I do in the morning are put on my slippers, have a large glass of water and pet my dog, then I’m ready to tackle the week.