Jo Malone On Scenting Her Day

Jo Malone On Scenting Her Day
The brand founder and fragrance expert reveals the different ways she uses scent.

Often described as an ‘English scent maverick’, Jo Malone CBE is the woman behind one of our bestselling fragrance brands - Jo Loves. It’ll come as no surprise that scent plays an important role in her life and day-to-day routine. From the invigorating shower gels that kick start her day to the candles Jo lights for productivity, here is exactly how a typical day smells…

Scents To Start The Day

The first thing I do every morning is jump in the shower and use an uplifting shower gel. At the moment, it’s the Jo Loves Jo by Jo Loves Bath & Shower Gel, £ 37,00 as I the love grapefruit, bitter orange, lime and spearmint scent. The Jo by Jo Loves is always a staple for me as it feels like part of my identity. I also use a little bit of this on my hair too as it gives a gentle yet effective cleanse. Post-shower, I always use a scented body lotion and then paint myself with a in the same scent. I created these brushes as an innovative way to wear fragrance and this fast-drying gel formula lasts all day.

Using Fragrance To Create A Mood

As a fragrance creator, scent plays a huge part in my day as I’m always engaging with it in one way or another. I live 24/7 enjoying the artistry of fragrance. For work, I am forever looking to create the next new scent or testing endless submissions to perfect an ancillary. Outside of work, different fragrances help to boost my mood and set the tone within my home. Scents have a wonderful way of reminding us of life’s adventures and good memories and they can take us back to a time and place that evokes a sense of happiness.

Citrus notes are my favourites as I love the cleanness of limes and grapefruits. My signature Pomelo scent always brings a sense of calm and wellbeing and helps to clear my mind to think constructively. I find it is instantly energising and it is my go-to if I’ve got lots to get done. I’ll often spray it throughout the house and even wash my floors with it. Light floral scents are often full of energy and fun, so these are great weekend choices, whereas woody and spicy notes are much warmer and ideal for creating comforting and nurturing moments in the evenings.

I am always surrounded by candles and I burn different fragrances in different rooms. In the bedroom, I light something light and citrusy - nothing too heavy. In the kitchen it’s usually a lemongrass or fresh scent and in the sitting room, I love something woody like our Log Fires candle. Diptyque is another favourite of mine and I’ll often burn a few together. It’s usually Tubereuse and Black Baies or 34 St Germain Boulevard and Jasmine which reminds me of Paris.

Scents To Wind Down With

I always change my bed sheets on a Friday night and spray them every evening with a clean, fresh cologne to signal bedtime. Another wind down ritual for me is having a bath and I usually drop in a bath oil and again, light a candle. Sometimes I’ll create my own scented body scrubs with salt, olive oil, grated lemon and orange rind and a little bit of lavender oil. I apply it all over and the smell fills my bathroom. Twice a week, I’ll have a spa-like session and give myself a good pamper with a foot and face treatment and tidy up my brows.

Posted: Wednesday, 03 March 2021