Last-Minute Gifts

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If like us, you find there’s always extra, unaccounted-for people to buy last-minute presents for, then worry not. Simply follow our guide to the best gifts to stock up on for all emergency gifting, and you’ll be laughing all the way to Boxing Day.

The Last-Minute Attendee

We’ve all been there a million times over during the festive season: the last-minute out-of-towner/distant cousin/friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend who suddenly finds themselves squeezed in round your table come Christmas. In the interests of being prepared, it never hurts to have a spare gift or three stashed up your sleeves for just such an occasion. But what to get someone you, at best, vaguely know, or at worst, someone you’ve never met? The answer is, of course, that universal elixir – the gift of good sleep –  something we guarantee every single person needs more of. Depending on how glad you are to see them, we suggest shelling out on This Work’s Dream Big, which contains a full-size sample of the brand’s bestselling (and frankly, magical) Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. If it’s just a token something you’re after, try The Big Bang, which contains a pocket-sized blend of the same dreamy lavender, camomile, vetivert sleep blend as well as a sumptuous eye mask.

The In-Laws

We will always be of the persuasion that scented candles are a welcome and luxurious gift to receive, and Christmas time is no exception. The ideal present to take to your in-laws, a good candle will not only imbue their space with soft, flickering (flattering) light and heavenly scent, they somehow dissipate seasonal stress pretty swiftly too. Plus, as you can point out, the empty glasses make the perfect pots for planting succulents or housing erroneous bits and bobs, making them the gift that keeps on giving. For an all-round crowd pleaser look no further than Byredo Burning Rose Scented Candle or Aromatherapy Associates Relax Candle. If minis are your thing we like Malin & Goetz The Vices Votive Set with its trio of addictive fragrances.

The New Year’s Eve Host

Consider yourself a thoughtful guest if you arrive at your host’s party clutching either of the following gifts: Cowshed’s Reviving Bath & Body Oil Trio, Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil or Susanne Kaufmann St. John’s Wort Bath. As all three are practically guaranteed to induce a semi-comatose state of relaxation, they’re perfect for the frazzled host post-party. If you want to put a smile on your host’s face, then a bottle of Aesop’s Post-Poo Drops is just the thing.

The Furry Friend

Never let it be said we leave anyone out when it comes to good gifting. Get on the right side of the four-legged friend in your life by giving them the chance to smell as good as their human counterparts. Infused with sweet-smelling neroli extract, and natural botanicals and amino acids to cleanse and perfume even the dirtiest of dogs, Malin & Goetz’s Dog Shampoo is a must-have. Likewise, Aesop’s Animal Wash is gentle enough to use on sensitive skins, and scents fur with a minty fresh fragrance that will outlast several muddy walks.


Present-buying isn’t real present-buying without slipping a little something in your basket for yourself, and seeing as choosing fragrance for anyone else seems to be fraught with difficulty and indecision, that’s exactly what we suggest you plump for. If you’re in the market for something ultra-covetable and as citrusy as it is smoky, then opt for Byredo’s Gypsy Water; if you fancy a spritz that’s going to dial up the drama on your festive night out then Tom Ford’s iconic Black Orchid is the way to go. You could of course really treat yourself by choosing Acqua di Parma’s Colonia Gift Set, which allows you to layer a gorgeous veil of verbena, Bulgarian rose and ylang-ylang on to your skin. Go on, you deserve it…

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