What Makeup Do I Need For A Natural Look?

We all love that effortlessly natural look, but when you sit down in front of the mirror it’s not as easy to achieve. Any product that’s too bold or tends to cake on is going to give the game away, so it’s clear that looking natural takes a few skills. Aside from practice, the best way to get the job done is by choosing a few staples that match your skin tone and work to enhance rather than exaggerate your features. If you’re wondering, “What makeup do I need for a natural look?” here are a few of our favourite beauty buys for perfecting a ‘no-makeup makeup’ finish.


Any powdered or fluid foundation is ideal for the task at hand. We’re trying to create a ‘your skin on a great day’ result rather than complete coverage, so nothing too opaque will fit. In terms of application, this is another factor you need to take your time with. Avoid using your fingertips and go for a blender that can produce that blurred, non-streaky finish without any lumpiness. When you’re working on your base, try to go easy on concealer, as it can draw attention to certain areas if it’s applied too heavily.

Mascara And Eyeliner

A subtle lash is vital for this look, and you’ll only need to slick on a very thin layer for a relaxed vibe.  For a softer result, put on your favourite mascara as you usually would and then blink onto a tissue or a couple of cotton buds to remove some of the intensity. If you have lighter lashes, you can leave a little more product intact to ensure your eyes look good, but if your lashes are a few shades darker, you could even consider a clear mascara. Pencils and eyeliners are perfect for delivering dramatic smoky looks and definition, but here you can use one in a different way. Apply a few dabs close to your lashes and smudge in for a finish that flatters your lash line without being too prominent. If you go overboard, just dab away some of the colour with a cotton bud until you’re satisfied.


We all love a cheeky blusher that gives us a healthy glow, but for a natural look, you’ll need far less product. For a hint of colour, apply less than you usually would, then tone it down a few levels with the help of another brush. This softens the result and keeps your cheeks looking subtle, just like the rest of your face. If you do go a little overboard, sweep a layer of powder over the top.


The matte lip is big news right now, but those incredible shades might dominate a natural face. Avoid the problem by blurring on a little colour with your fingertip or a cotton bud. Otherwise, try out something that’s more restrained than your usual lip, like a shiny tint in peach or pink. You could even finish off with gloss if you really want a low-key ending.