Where Should You Apply Bronzer?

To create a natural, sun-kissed radiance without having to stay out in the sun or hop on a plane to a sunny getaway, try using bronzer. Honestly, bronzer is an essential beauty tool if you want to get that golden glow all year round.

If you’re looking to achieve that beaming complexion, here are our top tips on where to apply bronzer.

Sides of the face

One of the best ways to apply bronzer is to apply it in the shape of the number three. Dab your brush into your selected bronzer. Then start at the temple, work down to the cheekbones then stop under the jawline. This leaves your skin with the most natural looking sun-kissed glow.


A little bit of bronzer on your nose is a really clever way to contour your nose. Take a little bit of bronzer and gently dust over the bridge of your nose. Apply a few strokes but don’t overdo it – heavy application of bronzer over the nose is not a good look.

You can use the same technique when applying bronzer to your chin.

Jawline and hairline

Applying bronzer on the jawline and the hairline is a good way to soften the face. Delicately dab a tiny bit of bronzer on these parts of your face to achieve the desired effect.

On the top of the cheekbones

Illuminated cheekbones can enhance your overall look. Using a fan brush, lightly apply bronzer for a softer and mellow look.

Alternatively, you can apply bronzer on the cheekbones by using a medium sized brush and blending in using circular motions.

All over the face

After applying bronzer in all the right places, blend in all over the face to eliminate blotchiness and to blend the bronzer into the skin.

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