Eye Cream


Eyecreams: essential or optional? Well, if you consider the fact that you blink on average, 10,000 times a day, and that your eyes are working hard for you, it’s pretty safe to consider it an essential. The skin around the eyes is more fragile, thinner, and more susceptible to showing the signs of ageing: so delicate care is a must.

When you’re choosing the right formula, it’s best to have a check list of ingredients to suit your needs. Caffeine is great for contracting the vessels around the eyes as it will tighten the skin almost instantly. Or if you want the skin to look plumper, but not puffy of course, look for peptides, which will have an all round anti-ageing effect. Antioxidants will help fight environmental aggressors while anything that might brighten the skin or reflect light a little will keep those dark circles at bay.


Reaping the maximum benefits possible from your eye cream for a refreshed, smooth, wide awake look depends on the right timings. Mornings are usually best but not just before a workout; you don’t want to apply copious amounts around the eyes only for perspiration to run down your face and cause you to tear up. Try not to use very heavy formulas at night, as it can exacerbate puffiness. Tossing and turning in bed as well as pillows pressing down on the skin can also lead to irritation.

When applying your favourite formulas, make sure you treat them with care. Opt for the ring finger when applying for a delicate touch. A-list facialist and founder of Skinesis, Sarah Chapman says, “Use light pinching movements around the orbital bone both under the eye and along the brow bone to release excess fluid that causes puffiness. This encourages blood flow to the area, for a bright eyed, wide awake effect.”


To add an extra boost to your application, look for a massaging device that will help improve product absorption into the skin and banish puffiness. The gently pulsating motion of Foreo’s Iris Illuminating Eye Massager stimulates the skin so that lines, dark circles and bags appear reduced. Happily, it’s low maintenance too, meaning it’s the perfect accompaniment to a spot of box set bingeing.