Four Ways To Use Drunk Elephant's Tangling Spray

Four Ways To Use Drunk Elephant's Tangling Spray
It was one of the most hotly anticipated beauty launches of 2020 so far and judging by the reviews, Drunk Elephant’s Hair and Body collection hasn’t disappointed. There is one particular product that has been slightly overlooked though, the Wild Marula Tangling Spray.

If you’re going by the name alone and don’t have naturally knotty hair you might be inclined to pass this spray by. However, this is a classic case of why we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, because this spray genuinely offers so much more than just detangling. After liberally misting the spray over damp and occasionally dry hair we have discovered four unexpected benefits...

1. It Boosts Your Shine

This is easily one of our favourite qualities of this mist and we suspect it will be the biggest crowd pleaser because who doesn’t want more shine? The featherlight formula is infused with natural plant oils to help nourish dull, tired hair and leave them with a glossy, healthy looking shine. We found that spritzing onto damp hair and blow-drying offered the best results. 

2. It Offers Heat Protection

Speaking of blow-drying, this wonder spray also provides heat protection, so you can straight, curl or tong your hair without worrying about damaging it or being left with frazzled ends. 

3. It Helps Hydrate

Enriched with nourishing natural oils, including argan and marula, we found this lightweight mist hydrates without weighing hair down. So much so, you can spritz from your roots-to-ends. The A-list hair stylist Chris McMillan, who worked with Drunk Elephant founder Tiffany Masterson on the formulas, has used this product on Jennifer Aniston before the red carpet to ensure her hair looks as healthy as possible.

4. It Leaves A Lasting Scent

The delicately sweet scent of marzipan is perfect for giving three-to-four day old hair a much needed lift. Mist from root-to-ends, give your hair a quick zhuz and you’re good to go.

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Posted: Wednesday, 01 April 2020