Finding Your Perfect Mascara

best mascara

Mascara has been around a long time; the Ancient Egyptians used kohl on their lashes to enhance their eyes as long ago as 3000 B.C. Even now, the principle of darkening lashes to make them look fuller and longer hasn’t changed, but in mascara, as in life we all want different things. Luckily, beauty brands are on board with our needs and have created a mascara for every lash look. Read on to find your favourite.


We’re not all blessed like Elizabeth Taylor, who famously had an extra layer of eyelashes, but long lashes do make eyes look bigger and more defined. If building length is your mascara raison d’etre, we recommend Hourglass Caution Mascara. The rich formula extends lashes with ease, coating them in silky black pigment, thanks to a wraparound brush, and it dries to a flexible finish which doesn’t flake.

best mascara

Application: Use the tapered wand to pull lashes up and out, ensuring the tips are fully coated for extra length. Then take the narrow end of the tapered brush and pick out the smallest lashes to ensure a defined, wide eyed finish.

best mascara

Application: Work the small brush deep into the root of the lash line then wiggle up and pull the formula to the very tip of the lashes. This technique will coat every side of the lashes, simply repeat until your desired finish is achieved.


If your lashes are fair, fine or thin, a volumising formula will boost thickness and help to frame eyes, making them the focus of your look. Try Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume Supreme Mascara, which has a very light texture – making it buildable and non-clumpy, so you can apply several coats for dramatic volume.


Who wouldn’t want longer, thicker lashes naturally? It is possible with a peptide infusion that stimulates lash growth, try Talika Lipocils Expert each morning and evening for results in a month. Or combine with your mascara and invest in Chantecaille Faux Cils Mascara Longest Lash, which includes growth stimulating peptides and ultra-nourishing oils within a deep black and silky formula.

best mascara

Application: Comb the double helix brush through every lash from root to tip to ensure every lash is loaded with the rich formula for improved natural lashes, and an instant feathery finish.

best mascara

Application: Take the brush underneath the lash and curve round following the shape of the curl to help lengthen and highlight the shape. Next, use the wand to hold and lift lashes into the curl shape for a further 5 seconds for the ultimate lasting curl.


If you’re blessed with long lashes then curling them shows off their extension and opens-up the eyes, framing your features. Our favourite lash curler (designed by the master of makeup – Kevyn Aucoin) is gentle on lashes, yet creates a fast, instant curl. Follow with two coats of Nars Climax Mascara – its unique brush has masses of ribbed bristles that lift and curl lashes further, while the rich, yet featherweight formula defines every lash and dries softly to hold a curl without stiffness.


If you’re looking for a do-it-all formula that curls, lengthens and volumises then let us introduce you to By Terry Lash-Expert Twist Brush Mascara. A nourishing blend of plant oils and keratin works to protect lashes, while a unique twist brush allows you to boost both length and curl to customise your lash look.

best mascara

Application: Use the extra-long feathered wand to grab every lash and lift from root to tip to create impressive length. Next, twist the brush and watch it form a curled shape, take it through the lashes and hold up for 5 seconds to set a curl and coat every side of your eyelashes for a dramatic finish.