Post Flight Skincare Fixes

post flight skin fixes

Flying can quickly cause skin to dehydrate and breakout thanks to the re-circulated, extra dry air on board. When there’s a lack of moisture in the environment, the air will draw water from wherever it can, including our skin – so unfortunately all skin types end up dehydrated after a long-haul flight, and most of us will suffer after just a couple of hours on board too. Dry skin will look dull and flaky, and naturally oily skin may increase oil production to compensate – which usually leads to breakouts. Follow our step-by-step guide to combat this and start your holiday radiant.

1, Cleanse

After a long or tiring flight, taking a refreshing shower is probably your no.1 priority, but before you hop in, take time to deeply cleanse your skin. Remove any makeup residue, along with debris and grime from the airport and plane to prevent skin looking dull or breaking out.  Choose a gentle creamy formula if your skin is dry after the flight – we like the rose-scented Ren No.1 Purity Cleansing Balm, plus the tube packaging makes it easy to pack.


2, Exfoliate

Dry and flaky skin can build-up quickly after a flight, so it’s a good idea to tackle the problem right away and give skin an exfoliating boost. Even if your skin doesn’t appear dry, exfoliating will loosen any dead skin cells and help to prevent break outs by eradicating any oil or bacteria trapped under the skin. Try an easy and cabin-friendly pre-soaked pad like Radical Skincare Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads with BHA and AHA, or if you have more time use a mask. A fresh gel texture is reviving after a flight, so we recommend the Oskia Renaissance Mask which has a blend of natural fruit acids and pineapple enzymes to gently yet thoroughly exfoliate skin.

3, Replenish

As exciting as touching down in an exotic location is, your body and skin will thank you for taking a little time to rehydrate before heading out to the sights. Have a long drink of water to replenish your body and plump up dried-out skin, and give skin an extra boost with a quick hydrating mask. Straight after exfoliation your skin will be most receptive to the moisture-boosting effects of a targeted treatment, so apply Patchology FlashMasque Hydrate for just five minutes.

Next, load up your skin with a hyaluronic acid serum which will lock-in water to keep skin plump. We love the silky Eve Lom Intense Hydration Serum and as it is carry-on approved at 30ml – apply in the air too. Allow your serum ten minutes to sink in and then moisturise with a protective formula such as Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream Travel Size.

4, Eyes & Lips

Eyes are the biggest giveaway of how tired you really are, so if you were wide awake all night on the plane, then focus on treatments to soothe and revive. We love the massaging wand that comes with Sisley L’Integral Anti-Age Eye and Lip Contour Cream, as it helps to stimulate blood flow to the delicate eye area, while the vitamin-rich cream nourishes and hydrates tired, dull skin, plus the multi-tasking formula doubles as a line-smoothing lip balm.

Lips are one of the first areas to suffer when we’re dehydrated, so ensure you keep a lip balm in your carry-on – we recommend Hourglass No 28 Lip Treatment Oil which instantly softens and repairs with a blend of essential oils and vitamins.

5, Quick Fixes

Don’t be afraid to start your skincare regime in flight. A great tip is to apply a thin layer of a hyaluronic acid based serum such as Dr. Sebagh Serum Repair each hour that you fly as this will help to counteract dehydration. We also recommend keeping a moisturising facial mist to hand on the plane and afterwards to refresh and boost skin, this is beneficial in warm climates too – the 30 ml Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist Travel Size – is ideal for your carry-on and beach bag. If your skin is irritated, red and sensitive after a flight then be sure to gently cleanse as soon as you can after landing and try the Darphin Intral range to help soothe and rebalance.

Breakouts are common after a long flight, so pack the mini, but powerful Odacité Bl+C Pimples Serum Concentrate (Black Cumin + Cajeput). If you’re only taking hand luggage then we recommend packing the Patchology On The Fly Kit – which contains 2 sheet mask to illuminate and hydrate skin, alongside specific eye and lip sheet treatments, ideal for bringing dehydrated, post-plane skin back to life.