Our 3 Minute Relaxing Ritual (You Can Do It Anywhere)

Our 3 Minute Relaxing Ritual (You Can Do It Anywhere)
The term ‘self-care’ feels overlaboured, so much so #selfcaresunday has dropped off the radar. That’s not to say we’re feeling relaxed – if anything we’re more stressed than ever. But the way ‘self-care’ has evolved feels unattainable and inauthentic. It doesn’t have to be though. Realistic rituals are going to be big in 2023 – think self-care 2.0 and quick, easy tricks that ease stress levels and slot into your schedule.

The 3-Minute Relaxing Ritual You Can Do Anywhere

In Japan, forest bathing is huge, and people are actively encouraged to switch off from technology and bask in nature. If you live and work in the city, escaping to the countryside isn’t always possible. Tatcha’s founder Vicky Tsai spent a lot of time in Japan after quitting her corporate job in New York and has a more attainable approach to forest bathing. “Simply taking a moment to look up at the sky can make a huge difference to your mood,” Vicky says. Likewise, taking a stroll through the park can be just as calming. Incorporate Mind’s 3-minute breathing space technique and and you’ll feel the tension ease.

The 3-Minute Relaxing At-Home Ritual

Should you find yourself at home with 3 minutes to spare, put your phone to one side and follow Vicky’s sage advice. “I spend a lot of time rushing about day to day spend so I make a conscious effort to bookend my day with a quick beauty ritual,” says Vicky. “When I cleanse, I remind myself that cleansing can be an act of letting go and think of anything that I need to release from my mind – thoughts or feelings that are not in service to my wellbeing like self-doubt, anxiety or fear.”

Using a formula like Tatcha The Camellia Cleansing Oil, £48.00 or Votary Cleansing Oil - Rose Geranium & Apricot, £55.00 will encourage you to massage the oil into your skin, which in turn boosts circulation and dials up your natural glow. Taking a minute or so to wash away the day and give your skin a thorough cleanse is as beneficial for your mind as it is your complexion.

Once she’s cleansed, Vicky moves on to exfoliate with Tatcha The Rice Polish: Classic, £64.00. “I’ll think about anything during the day that I didn’t hit the mark on and imagine shedding the old and starting anew,” she says. “When I apply Tatcha The Essence, £102.00 it’s my reminder to give back to myself as much as I give to others and recharge my energy.” Vicky finishes her three-minute ritual with Tatcha The Water Cream, £24.00 – “I envision sealing myself into a cocoon of care that’s given to me by the people in my life.” Repeat this every day for a week and tell us you don’t feel calmer.

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Posted: Thursday, 22 December 2022

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