Inside Caroline Hirons' Nighttime Routine

Inside Caroline Hirons' Nighttime Routine
As a globally qualified advanced aesthetician and with over 25 years of experience working within the beauty industry, Caroline Hirons' is one of the most respected skincare experts. Her open and frank approach to the latest trends and product launches has garnered a loyal following over the years. Caroline’s renowned for sharing her knowledge and expertise with her 713k Instagram followers and 125k strong community on Facebook without pulling any punches.

This month, Caroline unveiled her debut skincare products, Skin Rocks Retinoid 1 and Skin Rocks Retinoid 2 - read our Head of PR review of the latter, here. To mark one of the most exciting launches of 2022 to date, Caroline very kindly gave us a sneak peek into her nighttime routine, including how she uses Skin Rocks Retinoid 2 Vitamin A Serum.

I would never go to bed without…

…cleansing. There is no better feeling than getting home and putting your hair in a bun and washing your face. I also love using an active treatment as I always feel like I wake up looking my best.

I always double cleanse if I am wearing makeup or SPF. Double cleansing is washing your face once to remove makeup, SPF and dirt, I like to use a balm for this. I then go in with a cream, gel or lotion cleanser, or sometimes a balm twice, to actually clean my skin.

I tend to keep my routine steps the same…

…I cleanse, mist, eye cream, treatment (such as retinoid or an acid serum), moisturise or oil if needed. I do tend to change my treatment step, as I use Skin Rocks Retinoid 2 every other night. On the ‘other’ nights, I’ll use a hydrating serum, or something with specific peptides to target my skin depending on how my skin is feeling.

How I incorporate Skin Rock Retinoids Into My Routine

I use Skin Rocks Retinoid 2 every other night. Double cleanse, use a hydrating mist and then I apply my retinoid, wait 25 minutes or so and then I use my eye cream and moisturiser or oil depending on what I feel my skin needs.

The Skin Rocks Retinoids are brilliant treatments that are suitable for all skin types that boost skin clarity and promote a smooth, even, radiant complexion. Opt for Skin Rocks Retinoid 1 if you are new to retinoids or you have previously found retinoids to be too strong. Or, if you have recently completed a prescription-strength retinoid course and want to maintain results, Retinoid 2 is for you. I use Retinoid 2 to improve the look of my pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and to make my skin look and feel it’s best.

My top tip for building a good evening skincare routine…

…get the basics right. Find a cleanser that removes makeup and SPF (I prefer a balm or oil), find a cleanser that cleans your skin and leaves it feeling comfortable and then use a moisturiser suited to your skin type. The treatment step can then be added in depending on what your skin needs.

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Posted: Tuesday, 29 November 2022

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