6 Must-See Makeup Looks Going Viral On TikTok

6 Must-See Makeup Looks Going Viral On TikTok
A lot of TikTok beauty trends should be taken with a pinch of salt, but there are some very nifty makeup hacks to be found. With the party season in full swing, I scrolled through the thousands of makeup short-form videos and found six sensational looks with a lot of help from Space NK’s resident social media expert, Olivia Chenery.

“Whatever your makeup aesthetic, style or dilemma, you’ll be able to find the answer on TikTok,” Olivia told me. “With one quick search you get hundreds of different videos on each trend, and with so many different people creating their own adaption of the trend, there will always something that suits you.”

Here are the six Tiktok makeup trends to tap into right now…

The Clean Girl Makeup Look

What is it? If you like a minimal makeup look, this is the TikTok beauty trend for you. It’s also a good hack if you want to achieve a fresh-looking base before applying a smoky eye or bold lip. Rather than applying a sheet of makeup, you dot your concealer, blusher and bronzer strategically around your face before misting a setting spray and blending.

Who does it well? @chloemorello (pictured above) has nailed this TikTok hack and her video gives you the perfect map to lay out your concealer, blusher and bronzer.

What products do I need? It might look like a lot before it’s blended but we guarantee you’ll use lew product than usual, and you probably already have these products in your makeup bag. If you usually use powder formulas, we recommend following Chloe’s lead and using liquid products as these are much easier to blend. Don’t forget your Rare Beauty Always An Optimist 4-in-1 Mist, £14.00.

The Under Eye Blush Trick

What is it? Blusher has the power to lift and brighten dull, tired looking skin in seconds, so it makes sense that a taking your blush a little higher than usual could disguise dark circles. A handy TikTok makeup trend for when party season is in full swing and we’re burning the candle at both ends…

Who does it well? @paintedbyspencer has nailed this look (watch here) and proved that it takes seconds to apply but makes a seriously big difference.

What products do I need? Your favourite blusher and a makeup brush or BeautyBlender for a seamless finish. If you’re using a liquid blusher, make three dots under your eye and blend with a brush for the best results. We recommend using a concealer on the inner and outer corner of your eyes if you’re prone to redness there.


The Lash Curler Hack

What is it? This trick showcases the previously undiscovered versatility of the humble lash curler. Flip it around and you can create the perfect curve and achieve a smoky, contoured look.

Who does it well? @lenkalul (pictured above) has perfected this look and this video on the lash curler hack highlights how you can dial up the glamour by layering up your shades and extending the lines into a cat’s eye.

What products do I need? A pair of lash curlers is essential, along with a powder eyeshadow and a makeup brush to blend. If you’re keen to layer up your look and want to use tonal shades, have an eyeshadow palette to hand too.

The Diffused Colour Look

What is it? Admittedly this is more of a celebrity ‘get the look’, but we love the effortlessly cool vibe to this TikTok makeup trend and you can chose a shade depending on your mood, outfit or the occasion. It’s simply layering matte eyeshadow over a sparkly one of a very similar shade. It’s quick, it’s easy and, in our opinion, it’s very cool.

Who does it well? We’re taking all the cues from @stxph.h's Kendall Jenner makeup look video. From applying concealer to blending out the eyeshadow, Steph gives you a step by step guide that’s not to be missed.

What products do I need? Your concealer and a selection of eyeshadows – Steph uses a palette, but you could opt for two similar single shades too.

The Douyin Blush Hack

What is it? A quick blusher trick (yes, another blush trick!) where you draw small V-shapes on the top of your cheekbones, outer corners of your eyes and chin to achieve a fresh, natural-looking flush.

Who does it well? Again, @lenkalul has perfect this trick and has created a very handy tutorial, here.

What products do I need? Your favourite blusher (ideally a cream formula) and a makeup sponge. The black liquid liner is optional, but as it is party season we recommend recreating the full look.

The Siren Eyes Look

What is it? If you’re looking for the 2022 take on the classic smoky eye, it’s the siren eyes look. We’ll be straight, it’s not the easiest look if you don’t regularly wear false lashes, but don’t let that put you off. Placing the lashes on the outer corners and embracing a lighter eyeliner make a huge impact.

Who does it well? @bexcxmpbell makes applying false lashes look effortless in this video.

What products do I need? False lashes, sparkly eyeliner and lashings of mascara are the essentials for recreating the siren eyes look.

Posted: Sunday, 13 November 2022

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