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Fresh is one of those beauty brands that you can fully embrace from head to toe – and plenty of people do. From the nourishing Sugar Lip Treatments to the calming Soy Face Cleanser, Fresh products utilise the best natural ingredients with modern science to create bestselling formulas.

The brand was founded in 1991 by Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg in Boston. The duo opened an apothecary style store that allowed customers to come in and try the products before purchasing. Roll forward over 30 years and Fresh is a globally recognised beauty brand with stores across the world.

Why We Love Fresh Skincare

We love that Fresh champions natural ingredients, including rose and tea, in its formulas. Whether you’re using the zesty Hesperides Grapefruit Bath & Shower Gel or the Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask, the products smell divine and feel luxurious. We have several products we buy on repeat and decided to share them with you below...

The Best Fresh Beauty Products For 2023



Soy Face Cleanser, £12.00

This cleanser is not just one of the top selling cleansers at Space NK, but its one of our bestselling products overall. The gentle formula rinses away dirt, grime and makeup without stripping your skin. It’s a must-have for all skin types but is especially good for sensitive and dry skin.



Tea Elixir Skin Resilience Activating Serum, £54.40

Fresh was one of the first beauty brands to showcase the skincare benefits of tea and this serum is a testament to the strengthening and soothing powers of the ingredient. Use it twice a day and you can expect your skin to look fresher and firmer in weeks.



Sugar Lemon Body Lotion, £20.80

We’ve called out the uplifting Sugar Lemon scent, but you can’t go wrong with any of Fresh’s body lotions. They are all packed full of nourishing ingredients, including shea butter, and absorb quickly without leaving your skin feeling greasy. The bodycare sets also make brilliant gifts for teachers, friends and in-laws.



Freesia Oval Soap, £12.00

Alongside celebrating natural ingredients, we also love that Fresh champions the traditional bar of soap. Who doesn’t appreciate a good old bar of soap that is beautifully scented?! Fresh’s well-balanced formula ensures that your skin is cleansed without feeling stripped too. We find they scent your drawers and linen cupboard perfectly too.



Hydrating Lip Balm, £13.60

It wouldn’t be right to roundup the best Fresh products and not include at least one lip product. These nourishing lip balms smell and taste divine, they also soothe dry, cracked lips quickly and effectively. We recommend having at least one in your bag at all times.


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Posted: Monday, 21 August 2023

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