Tried & Tested: JVN Hair Leave-In Conditioning Mist

Tried & Tested: JVN Hair Leave-In Conditioning Mist
The best leave-in conditioners are almost forgettable – and by this we mean they hydrate, soften and smooth your hair but they’re weightless. No one wants to go to the bother of washing their hair, only to use a leave-in conditioner that leaves locks feeling heavy or greasy. Of course, Jonathan Van Ness knows this. Since launching JVN Hair, the celebrity hair stylist and Queer Eye grooming guru has nailed every single formula he’s put his name to.

From the frizz-taming, curl-defining Complete Air Dry Cream to the scalp-soothing, hair-strengthening Complete Pre-Wash Scalp Oil, JVN Hair is a small but effective haircare line. The Complete Leave-In Conditioning Mist is no less impressive, or essential, than the products that have gone before it. Here’s everything you need to know about JVN Hair’s newest addition.

The Top Line On JVN Hair Complete Leave-In Conditioning Mist

With a formula brimming with hemisqualane, AKA the signature ingredient included in every JVN Hair product, as well as a moisture multiplying complex (with hyaluronic acid) and brassica seed polymer, JVN Hair Complete Conditioning Mist, £10.00 is a must-have for anyone looking to top-up their hair’s hydration levels. It also promises to smooth frizz, detangle knots and offer some protection from UV rays.

Everything You Need To Know About Jonathan Van Ness’ Leave-In Conditioner

Starting from the top, Jonathan Van Ness has ensured the leave-in conditioner is as sustainable as the rest of the range with aluminium packaging and comes with spray cap to make application quick and easy. The formula itself is sulphate and silicone free, vegan-friendly and safe to use on colour treated hair.

What’s JVN Hair Complete Leave-In Conditioning Mist like to use though? I’d say it definitely has more of a serum texture than a mist. You can spritz it on, but I’ve found it’s easier to spray it into my hands and then comb it through my hair, so I get an even spread. I want to stress that the texture isn’t heavy, sticky or gloopy, it’s more of a hybrid serum-foam and is lightweight, absorbing almost immediately.

It smells incredible, like a luxury salon, which makes it great for refreshing and rehydrating your hair a couple of days after you’ve washed it.

The Verdict On JVN Hair Complete Leave-In Conditioning Mist

I have long, thick, frizz-prone hair and have found this product indispensable since I started trialling it. Whether you’ve got fine or textured hair, if you’re in need of a little conditioning or smoothing JVN Hair Complete Conditioning Mist, £10.00 is definitely worth trying. You just need to tailor the amount you need to suit your hair texture. The formula hydrates and smoothes hair instantly, while the scent gives it a little zhoosh. I use two spritzes on freshly wash, damp hair and comb it through my mid-lengths and ends.

My hair isn’t particularly knotty, but I can see how the mist helps to detangles because it leaves locks feeling soft and satin-like. It’s a great investment as we move into the colder months and want to protect our hair against the effects of wet, windy weather and central heating.

More From JVN Hair

If you haven’t dabbled in JVN Hair yet and your hair constantly feels dry and looks frizzy, I recommend JVN Hair Complete Hydration Kit, £21.00. The travel-size products are more than enough to convince you that this haircare brand is the real deal. Plus, the JVN Hair Complete Air Dry Cream, £23.00 is a favourite on TikTok and a bestseller among Space NK customers. Like the JVN Hair Leave-In Conditioner, it makes a huge impact but is virtually weightless.

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Posted: Monday, 26 September 2022

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