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James Read is the self-tanning expert to book in with if you’re looking for a streak-free, natural-looking tan that fades evenly. It’s no surprise that he has a host of loyal celebrity clients who regularly visit him before stepping onto a red carpet or partaking in a photoshoot. Having worked in the industry for over 20 years, what James Read doesn’t know about self-tan isn’t worth knowing.

Just under 10 years ago, James changed the at-home tanning landscape with his innovative Sleep Mask Tan and now he’s back with a brand new offering under the name of Self Glow by James Read. Blending renowned ingredients like hyaluronic acid and squalane with fermented mushrooms and aloe vera, Self Glow promises to look after your skin as well as deliver a natural-looking glow.

James has also tried to take a conscious approach to tanning and sourced all the ingredients from the UK and Europe, used 100% recycled and reused plastic and glass, and minimised foils. Are the Self Glow by James Read products any good? Here’s a full breakdown of our favourites.

The Best Self Glow By James Read Tanning Products


Self Glow By James Read

Dusk To Dawn Overnight Glow Facial, £44.00

This lightweight tanning serum gets to work while you sleep, so you wake up to a bronzed glow. It’s our seasonal buyer Georgina Milner’s favourite product from the range: “It honestly leaves you looking so healthy with minimal effort required.” Two pumps is more than enough for your face and neck, but don’t forget to exfoliate beforehand to create a smooth canvas.


Self Glow By James Read

Sunbright Tinted Tan Drops, £18.00

These are James Read’s version of tanning drops, and they can be mixed with your makeup, serum or moisturiser for a tailormade tan. In keeping with Self Glow by James Read’s philosophy, the formula includes hyaluronic acid, cocoa extra and aloe vera to leave your skin feeling soft and soothed.


Self Glow By James Read

Sunrise To Sundown Tinted Tan Serum, £44.00

The body equivalent to Dusk To Dawn Overnight Glow Facial also received rave reviews from Georgina. “I love it, the formula gives you an even glow without any typical ‘tanning’ downtime – my skin feels so hydrated after using it.” James recommends using a mitt to apply Sunrise To Sundown Tinted Tan Serum for smooth, even results. However, if you’re more slap-dash, we can confirm that you can achieve a streak-free finish using your hands – just make sure you blend well around your ankles.


Self Glow By James Read

Break Of Dawn Nourishing Glow Mask, £16.00

We’re not lying when we say the blend of hyaluronic acid, squalane, fermented mushrooms and vitamin E, along with the dash of natural plant-based DHA, dials up your radiance in a matter of minutes. This treatment mask is a great option if you’re getting ready for an event and want the gentlest hint of a tan.


Self Glow By James Read

Endless Summer Everyday Tan Lotion, £44.00

Where daily moisturiser meets self-tan, you’ll find Endless Summer Everyday Tan Lotion. It’s the ultimate tanning lotion for low maintenance beauty lovers. Shea butter and hyaluronic acid ensure your skin is left feeling hydrated all day and regular application allows you to build up your bronzed glow overtime.


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Posted: Tuesday, 21 May 2024

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