Our Beauty Editor Shares Her Verdict On Tatcha's Silk Serum

Our Beauty Editor Shares Her Verdict On Tatcha's Silk Serum
Since meeting Tatcha founder Vicky Tsai and listening to her talk through her beauty routine last year, I have a new appreciation for the brand’s focus on rituals and the formula textures. Anyone who’s used a Tatcha product will know what I’m referring to with the latter, from the bestselling Dewy Skin Cream to the Rice Polish, they feel so luxurious.

Despite heading up a top selling global beauty brand, Vicky has stayed true to the brand’s core beliefs and only launches a new product if it offers customers something different and genuinely delivers results. The Silk Serum is first new product launch from the brand since Tatcha launched in the UK at Space NK last year. To say expectation is high would be an understatement. I tried the formula for four weeks and here’s what I thought.

Top Line On Tatcha The Silk Serum

Using plant-based ingredients, marine botanical and the brand’s signature hadasei-3 complex, Tatcha The Silk Serum, £98.00 promises retinol-like results without any of the unwanted side effects, including dryness and photosensitivity. The best bit? Tatcha has run clinicals that show you could notice results in your skin’s texture and tone within two weeks.


Everything You Need To Know About Tatcha The Silk Serum

I’ve mentioned how dreamy Tatcha textures are, and The Silk Serum is no exception. It’s soft, silky and smooth, and it absorbs into skin quickly. I used it morning and evening, after cleansing and before any of my treatments (vitamin C serum or azelaic/salicylic treatment mask in the evening and hyaluronic acid in the morning). Two pumps (I've included a swatch above) is plenty for your face and neck, and the formula layered nicely and I didn’t notice any pilling. I noticed it also left the subtlest healthy sheen too, which I tried to capture in my swatch shot below.

Having used retinol serums before and experienced the good and bad effects, I was intrigued to see how Tatcha The Silk Serum compared. The brand has used a cranberry extract that contains peptides and amino acids to help support collagen production, alongside sea fennel to help soothe and smooth irritated skin. In keeping with the name, there’s also a moisturise-binding silk protein to plump skin and ease fine lines, as well as hadasei-3 which helps to lock in hydration.

Despite using this serum twice a day for over a month, I didn’t notice any dry patches, itchiness or redness that sometimes occurs when you’ve gone too hard too soon with a new vitamin A product (we’ve all been there). I definitely noticed my skin texture looked smoother and although it hasn’t disappeared, I feel like I’ve been less conscious of the lines across my forehead. I would add though, that as someone with combination skin, I always used a moisturiser after The Silk Serum and even though it doesn’t increase your skin’s sensitivity to sunlight, I also applied SPF. Skipping sunscreen after investing in this serum (or any serum) is an error as you’re undoing all the formula’s hard work.


The Verdict On Tatcha The Silk Serum

If the idea of using a retinol serum makes you nervous, or if you have super sensitive skin, are pregnant, or can’t use vitamin A for any reason, Tatcha The Silk Serum, £98.00 is a good alternative. It helps to smooth skin texture, ease the appearance of fine lines and gives you a very subtle healthy glow.

Consistency is key though and you need to use The Silk Serum twice a day. It is worth noting that this is a treatment serum rather than a hydrating one and while it doesn’t cause dryness, you do need to follow up with your usual face cream – or the exceptionally hydrating Tatcha The Water Cream, £24.00.

I would say that if you’ve used potent retinol treatments (I’m talking 0.10% retinaldehyde and prescription level) in the past and seen results, this serum might not be the one for you as the results are subtler.

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Tatcha has quite a few products that have gone viral across social media over the past couple of years, from the glow-giving Tatcha The Dewy Skin Cream, £24.00 to the nourishing and versatile Tatcha The Kissu Lip Mask, £27.00. The ritualistic ethos is present in each and every formula, including the seriously pampering Tatcha The Rice Wash, £41.00 – trust me when I say this cleanser makes removing your makeup and washing your face a pleasure rather than a chore. If you’re new to the brand, I recommend opting for a mini set like so you can road test a couple of the products.

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Posted: Wednesday, 08 March 2023

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