The Shower Upgraders That Will Transform Your Routine

The Shower Upgraders That Will Transform Your Routine
It’s that time of the year when a lot of us would usually be jetting off on our holiday for some much-needed R&R. While 2020 has thrown us all a curve ball, it’s also taught us that appreciating the little things in life are key. If you’ve had to cancel, reschedule or rethink your summer holiday and are feeling a bit sluggish as a result, fear not. We have five uplifting shower essentials to help kick start your day on a high note, wherever you are.

Sol de Janeiro

Bum Bum Body Scrub, £39.00

Best For Summer-Ready Skin
With its iconic Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, £21.00 being such a hit, Sol de Janeiro has just dropped an ultra-fine body scrub with that same sweet, holiday scent. With a sugar and salt blend to buff away dead skin cells and coconut, açai and cupuaçu butters to nourish and condition, you can expect noticeably smoother skin.

In the past few weeks we’ve found that it’s the perfect pre-treatment to a last minute fake tan application. It creates the perfect smooth canvas and helps to minimise patchiness.



Revitalizing Shower Gel, £43.00

Best For Reversing A Bad Mood In The Morning
Whether you’re simply not a morning person or happened to get out of bed on the wrong side, this refreshing foaming gel is the best way to improve the situation. With an uplifting blend of green mandarin, sweet neroli and bergamot, few scents will help to invigorate and uplift more. The best bit? The formula can be used on your hair to help boost shine and balance your scalp too.



Citrus Melange Body Cleanser, £39.00

Best For Recharging Your Energy Levels
We’re going to put it out there, this formula might be the next best thing to a shot of espresso. When it comes kick starting your morning on a high, this energising body cleanser is next level. With a purifying blend of botanical lemon and grapefruit rind extracts, it refreshes your skin and gives your mind the wake up call it needs when you’re feeling sluggish.


Acqua Di Parma

Blu Mediterraneo Fico Di Amalfi Body Lotion, N/A

Best For Transporting You To Warmer Climates
This fast-absorbing body lotion gives your skin a much needed hydration boost thanks to the almond, olive and grape seed oils. In true Acqua di Parma style, the zesty aroma of Italian lemon, grapefruit and bergamot transports you to the sun-soaked Mediterranean in seconds. Plus, the uplifting scent has impressive staying power to give you a welcomed mood boost throughout the cloudiest of days.



Brown Sugar Body Polish, £44.25

Best For A Relaxing Spa-Like Experience
If you like your bathroom to have a spa-like feeling for a more tranquil start to the day, then look no further than this moisturising exfoliator. Using grainy, brown sugar crystals, the formula leaves your skin super soft. It’s also packed with citrus oils to brighten your skin and leave it with an elegant, fresh scent. While some scrubs can be used on dry skin, we recommend massaging this into wet skin for the smoothest results.

Posted: Monday, 20 July 2020