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We Try Drunk Elephant’s NEW Hair & Body Range


Renowned for its clean and cutting-edge formulas, Drunk Elephant has seriously made its mark when it comes to skincare and it’s now about to do the same with its latest venture into haircare and bodycare. Want to know how the new formulas fare? The Space NK editorial team bring you their honest reviews below…



Drunk Elephant T.L.C Happi Scalp Scrub

“My hair and scalp have a tendency to be dry, especially if I have been using a lot of styling products, so I was really excited to try this acid infused scalp scrub. I instantly liked the texture of this mask, it’s creamy yet lightweight so it was easy to massage into the scalp. Be warned though, things can get a little messy while you massage, so I would recommend applying the scrub either over the sink or in the shower and then covering your hair in a shower cap for ten minutes while the mask gets to work. The clever formula targets dead skin cells on the scalp with a blend of AHAs/BHAs and exfoliating beads that help to whisk away any product build up too. After use my scalp felt refreshed and like it had had a really good deep clean. I’ll be adding to my routine once a fortnight.”

– Charlotte Clark, Senior Copy and Editorial Writer


Drunk Elephant Wild Marula Tangle Spray

“My long hair can get quite knotty – especially when it’s wet. I tend to just take extra care and comb it gently to avoid any breakage but I was keen to see how this new tangle spray could help. After reading it would also help smooth my hair and restore natural movement, I was even more keen. I’ve been using this on damp hair for a few weeks now and not only is it easier to get a comb through it, my hair doesn’t knot as much between washes and it has a nice texture after being air-dried.  I’m usually apprehensive about most styling products as they can feel heavy and greasy, but this lightweight mist has made it to the bathroom shelf for good.”

– Liz Hambleton, Head of Editorial



Drunk Elephant Cocomino Glossing Shampoo and Cocomino Marula Cream Conditioner

“With their much-loved skincare line being all about clean formulas and no nasties, I had high hopes for Drunk Elephant’s new venture in to haircare – especially as it’s been backed by Hollywood’s favourite celebrity hair stylist Chris McMillan. I was also intrigued that they had decided to launch just one shampoo and one conditioner that was said to suit all hair types and help restore it to a strong and healthy state – great for me as I’m currently in hair rehab following a spat of extensions last summer. Despite being free from sulphates and silicones, the shampoo still lathered well and I loved the smell of both products. Post-blow dry my hair was left feeling silky smooth and the shine was strong. I also found I didn’t need to wash it for the next two days which is an improvement on my usual every other day wash.”

– Samantha Nice, Copy and Editorial Writer


Drunk Elephant Kamili Cream Body Cleanser

“Sometimes soaps and shower gels can be too stringent and leave your skin feeling dry and tight. Drunk Elephant has worked hard on ensuring its debut Body Cleanser is pH balanced, so it cleans without stripping skin of essential moisture. Admittedly I didn’t notice the difference for a couple of days, but within a week it was clear that my skin was noticeably softer. Most skin types wouldn’t be able to forgo body lotion completely, but you can definitely skip one or two days if you’re rushed for time.”

– Victoria Hall, Copy and Editorial Writer



Drunk Elephant Sweet Pitti Deodorant Cream

“I didn’t have high hopes for the deodorant and I definitely didn’t think it would pass the workout test, but I stand corrected. Any deodorant that can withstand Joe Wick’s 20 Minute “No Rest” Home Workout is worth its salt in my book. I think the ease of application and non-sticky formula is what most people will really like about this product though. Some natural deodorants take ages to dry, or don’t dry at all and leave you with a waxy stickiness, but this formula dries quickly and the twist-up dispenser ensures you can apply just the right amount. For anyone looking for an aluminum-free deodorant without having to compromise, this is 100% worth trying.”

– Victoria Hall, Copy and Editorial Writer

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