What The Best Diptyque Candles Actually Smell Like

What The Best Diptyque Candles Actually Smell Like
From the beautifully curated scents to the monochrome, oval logo, Diptyque is an iconic fragrance brand. Ask anyone with a passion for perfume or penchant for scented candles and they’ll be able to tell you what the best Diptyque fragrance is (in their opinion).

Despite being founded over 60 years ago by a trio of French creatives, Christiane Montadre-Gautrot, Yves Coueslant and Desmond Knox-Leet, the Parisian fragrance house has stayed true to its roots and continued to take an innovative approach to scent, from the blend of notes to how the fragrance is worn. From perfumed bracelets and hair mists to electric car diffusers and refillable body lotions, every aspect of your day could be fragranced by Diptyque.

While Eau Rose, Philosykos and Eau des Sens might be bestsellers in the personal fragrance category, Diptyque is famous for creating the best smelling candles. Such in the love for Diptyque scented candles, people reuse the empty glass jars as storage for makeup brushes, eyeliners and mascaras.

Why We Love Diptyque Candles

The best scented candles are the ones that conjure up a memory. It could be a flashback to being a 12-year-old walking around your grandparents manicured garden at the height of spring idly plucking off the rose petals or driving through the south of France a few years back with the windows down and wafts of fresh lavender filling the car. There’s a reason why Diptyque candles are so popular; it’s this clever play of notes that tells a story and transports you back in time.

For us, it’s also about the potency of the scent. Diptyque promises that its 70g candle will burn for 20 hours, 190g for 60 hours and 600g for 90 hours. While this isn’t out of the ordinary, what we love about Diptyque scented candles is that the fragrance fills the room. These are the kind the candles that can transform the mood of a room within minutes.

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or someone who is notoriously tricky to buy fragrance for, we’ve created a handy guide to what each Diptyque candle really smells like to help you find the one for you.

What Each Diptyque Candle Smells Like



Tubereuse Candle - Do Son Limited Edition, £60.00

Smells like: A balmy, holiday evening
Diptyque has given the bestselling Tuberose scented candle the limited-edition treatment to celebrate its Do Son collection. Evoking a heady blend of freshly snipped white florals, this candle will give you all the holiday feels. The blend of rich, creamy notes takes you back to the relaxed, balmy evenings of a tropical holiday. With this candle burning and a cocktail in hand, close your eyes and you could almost be back on holiday...



Baies Coloured Candle, £75.00

Smells like: A British garden in full bloom
One of the most well-known Diptyque scents, you’ll have a tricky job finding someone who doesn’t love this floral delight. Think English summertime garden with plenty of pretty petals and green foliage. You should also try Diptyque Gardenia Scented Candle, £54.00 if you like blossoming flowers.



Roses Scented Candle - Limited Edition, £60.00

Smells like: Rose bushes
Nothing says spring more like rose bushes in full bloom. This Diptyque rose candle will fill any space with the uplifting scent of freshly cut florals even if your vase happens to be empty. It's no surprise that this is our bestselling rose candle.



Scented Candle Graphic Collection Figuier, £16.00

Smells like: Sun-soaked fig trees
Looking for the best scented candle to light for the upcoming summer evenings? This one is a wise choice. Inspired by the Diptyque’s founders love of Greece and summers spent seeking shade beneath a fig tree, this woody scent has a relaxing warmth to it.



Amber Scented Candle, £33.00

Smells like: Faintly burning incense
For something more subtle, try Diptyque Ambre candle. It’s warm and woody with a little spice. Imagine you can faintly smell your neighbour's burning incense. It also comes in a stained cognac-coloured glass jar too.



Mimosa Scented Candle, £31.00

Smells like: A glorious summer’s day
Another bright and floral choice, this sweet-smelling candle is like sunshine on a grey day – perfect for our unpredictable British summertime. Many say this reminds them of being at the beach (think sea salt and sunscreen!) and if that hasn’t sold you, we’re not sure what will.



Choisya Scented Candle 190g, £49.00

Smells like: Freshly ripened oranges
Love citrusy scents? This Diptyque candle is for you. Within minutes of lighting, your room will be filled with the refreshing scent of an orange grove in full bloom. Other zesty scents you’re likely to enjoy include Diptyque Oyedo Eau de Toilette 100ml, £107.00 and the verbena rich Diptyque Verveine Scented Candle, £54.00.



Feu de Bois Scented Candle, £33.00

Smells like: Roaring open fires
If you haven’t got an open fire of your own, this candle is your next best bet. It’s another iconic scent and has a comforting warmth to it that makes it perfect for the colder months.



Vanille Scented Candle, £31.00

Smells like: Slightly smoky vanilla pods
Some scents are just really inviting and this is one of them. Expect the delightfully sweet scent of true vanilla pods with a slight smokiness to it, which prevents it from feeling sickly sweet or cloying. It’s a fragrance that will have guests asking what it is…



Genevrier / Juniper Scented Candle, £54.00

Smells like: The great outdoors
Get that fresh outdoorsy feeling by lighting this invigorating candle. It is quite literally like a breath of fresh woodland air and will instantly uplift your mood.



Sapin Scented Candle, £16.50

Smells like: Winter is coming
This is a seasonal scent, but if you're looking for a candle to conjure up the spirit of Christmas all year round, Diptyque's Sapin Scented Candle is absolutely the one for you. With classic pine notes at the heart, this limited-edition candle as a warm, woody scent that has a unique freshness to it..



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