5 Tips On Dry Styling

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Daily hair washes can not only be time-consuming and mean an earlier alarm, they can in fact also be detrimental to your hair’s overall health and condition. Frequent hair washes result in an increased production of oil and sebum in your scalp, since regular shampooing strips your hair of its natural oils, not to mention fading your colour and making your hair weaker and more prone to breakage. Give your hair a break from washing and heat styling, as well as saving yourself time with our round up of top tips for dry styling.

How To Wake With Good Hair

Sleeping in plaits is one of the best ways to avoid your morning hair wash whilst also minimising the need to style it upon waking. Plaits also help to preserve day-before-curls or add a textured and natural-looking wave to straighter hair. Our top tip is to spritz dry shampoo through the roots before braiding to allow the product to work its magic overnight and soak up any excess oil. Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Biotin Dry Shampoo is enriched with witch hazel to prevent oiliness as well as clay, biotin, tapioca and rice starches to absorb sebum at the roots.

How To Achieve Natural Waves

Washing or heat styling aren’t the only ways to get good hair. Styling products such as wave or texturising sprays work well to add movement to your hair without the need for a fresh blow dry or the use of heating styling tools. Not only do they work wonders for those with naturally straighter locks, they also revitalise and uplift second (or even third) day hair. Ouai’s Wave Spray can be applied to dry hair to help activate a natural wave as well as boosting body and enhancing its texture. The best bit? Lived-in hair holds styles far better, so you may even be able to postpone your pending hair wash by another day.

Increasing Volume Without The Blow Dry

Unwashed hair and greasy roots can often mean your hair is left looking and feeling rather lifeless, so if you’re after that freshly blow-dried look without stepping foot in the shower, you may want to call in the help of a volumising spray. Great for creating height and adding body, volumising sprays can be applied to dry hair for a more plumped up look. Try Rossano Ferretti’s Grandioso Volumising Spray at the root for immediate lift that will see you through to your next hair wash.

How To Wear Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are a popular choice for unwashed tresses since they help to disguise oily roots or a dreaded bad hair day, as well as offering easy-to-wear and on-trend styling. Headbands were seen in abundance on the SS19 runways from the likes of Prada, Saint Laurent, Philosophy and Miu Miu, making this a simple but chic option. Using your fingers, work dry shampoo through the roots before sweeping your hair back from your face and securing in place with a headband of your choice. Slip’s Silk Knot Headband makes for a versatile choice to suit any colour, style or length.

How To Wear Hair Up

No doubt the most obvious way to skip your hair wash and save time, tying your hair back is one of the easiest hacks of them all. A messy bun or top knot will successfully conceal oily roots in an instant or try a half bun if you’re still holding the previous day’s styling. Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray will make hair more manageable thanks to its ability to absorb oil with no powdery residue. Brush through and style with a scrunchie and pins. For even more height, try backcombing the mid lengths.