Behind The Brand: Eve Lom


From the launch of their classic Cleanser in 1985, to their most recent innovation, Cleansing Oil Capsules, Eve Lom is always ahead of the skincare game. We discover the history behind the multi-award-winning brand.

Eve Lom: In the Beginning

Eve Lom’s interest in plants and herbs began in the former Czechoslovakia, where she was brought up by her herbalist grandmother. Eve was often sent out to collect plants to be used in treating her grandmother’s patients and soon developed a love of discovering new herbs and how they might treat different ailments. In 1968 aged 18 Eve fled Czechoslovakia when the Russians invaded and she ended up in Paris working as a dancer. She married actor Herbert Lom and moved to Hollywood where she rekindled her interest in natural therapies. She soon became a facialist and built up a good reputation and a celebrity client list. After a move to London in 1983 Eve opened her first beauty salon and started selling her eponymous cleansing balm, the world’s first balm cleanser.

Why Eve Lom is Unique

The Eve Lom collection was created with a less-is-more approach to skincare. “The problem is, we are bombarded with products. Fifty years ago, it was just cleanse, tone and moisturise,” Eve has said. “It’s why I keep my range to a minimum, my main emphasis is on cleansing and exfoliating.” Today, the collection is still made up of key essentials (think Cleanser, Intensive Night Cream and Radiance Face Oil) but included in the mix are also integral serums, eye creams and lip balms. However, simplicity is still key. Her products are multi-tasking; the Cleanser works as a makeup remover, toner and exfoliator and the Kiss Mix Tints combine subtle colour with maximum hydration. Every product also relies on the efficacy of natural, plant oils and extracts and their feel-good fragrances and textures.

The Eve Lom Facial Technique

In conjunction with the launch of Eve Lom’s Cleanser, Eve developed a seven-step facial massage technique to boost circulation, relieve tension and leave skin looking radiant. Designed to efficiently remove makeup, as well as having a de-stressing and deep cleansing effect, the massage was the first of its kind and changed the way women performed their skincare regimes, encouraging a ritual-like approach rather than a rushed-over process. Using the pads of the fingers, the massage starts by applying gentle pressure to key tension-holding spots, beginning at the ears and moving across the face to finish at the jaw-line. In the last step, a muslin cloth is soaked in hot water and applied across the face whilst you breathe deeply, before using it to gently exfoliate and remove any excess makeup and cleanser.

Eve Lom’s Latest Innovation

Eve Lom’s latest launch is yet another cutting-edge take on cleansing. The Cleansing Oil Capsules are 100% biodegradable, individual capsules each containing the perfect amount of oil for one cleanse. Free from synthetic fragrances, parabens, SLS and mineral oil, the capsules are formulated with essential omega oil, plus the Eve Lom signature blend of botanicals: eucalyptus, clove, Egyptian chamomile and hops. In the spirit of Eve’s simple product ethos they couldn’t be easier to use. Just twist removes the capsule top, and the oil is ready to be squeezed onto dry fingertips and massaged into the skin before being rinsed with warm water.

Eve Lom’s Must-Try Products

If you’ve never tried an Eve Lom product, the best place to star is with the multi-award-winning Cleanser. Paired with a muslin cloth, the rich, balm-like cleanser decongests and deep cleans thanks to a blend of eucalyptus oil, clove and chamomile. The Radiance Transforming Mask is also worth trying for its skin-brightening, moisture-boosting benefits while the Time Retreat Face Treatment exfoliates, smooths and soothes thanks to its combination of retinol and AHAs. For the lips, Kiss Mix Tints are a must (we love the soft pink tones and melt-on-the-mouth texture of the Demure shade) and of course, the new Cleansing Oil Capsules are ideal if you’re always on-the-go. Keep a few capsules in your wash bag for easy, effortless cleansing.