How To Restore Your Hair Colour

How To Restore Your Hair Colour
There aren’t many things more satisfying than a fresh hair colour. It makes your skin look radiant, your hair feel healthier and can instantly lift your mood – which is why the last thing you want is to watch it fade in front of your eyes. “There are so many different reasons why hair colour fades,” explains Zoe Irwin, A-list colourist. “Firstly, external elements such as wind, water and sunshine cause the colour molecule to release from the hair resulting in the richness of the colour fading. It also happens due to the sensitivity of the hair – if your hair is sensitive or dry it needs protein and moisture which will help lock the colour in.”

From the best toners for your hair to which treatments will stop hair breakage, follow the golden rules below and your colour will continue looking resplendent and reflective for longer…


Overdrying your hair or using tools with temperatures that are too high will accelerate how dehydrated and porous your hair will become and increase the likelihood of colour fade. “Porosity is how the hair absorbs moisture and porous hair can feel dry or rough and is thirsty,” says Rebecca Cottington, colourist at George Northwood salon. “Dry hair soaks things up quick but also gets rid of things – like colour - just as quickly.”

The trick is to keep your hair hydrated as this will allow for the right amount of reflection - “reflection is more prominent when the cuticles are smoother,” says Zoe. “Using a hair mask twice a week will make a massive difference while oils can give shine and protect the cuticle.”

Try: Virtue Healing Oil, £25 that’s super light and smooths and repairs hair strand by strand and Olaplex No.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask, £28 is a great treatment to stop hair breakage leaving hair shiny and cuticles flat.


Toners for hair are now a welcome addition when it comes to keeping your colour for longer. Designed to be ‘dropped’ into your regular conditioner or hair mask, they contain pigments that act like a temporary hair dye and can be used to dilute or dial up your colour. Lasting a couple of washes, incorporate one into your routine every three shampoos to maintain your hair’s vibrancy. Just be mindful when you’re choosing your shade.

“If you have balayage or most of your hair is darker and you have lighter pieces you need to be careful about what you’re putting on as it’s going to alter the colour – so if you’re adding lilac drops to cool down the blonde where the hair is more sensitised, it will grab the pigment and the roots of the hair will end up looking warmer. Make sure you’re applying it evenly too – I see a lot of mistakes where the product has been overloaded at the roots or vice versa,” says Zoe.

Try: which contains concentrated drops of purple pigment to enhance blonde hair’s shimmer and shine while Olaplex No. 4P Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo, £28 will help enhance your blond strands, making your hair look much healthier and brighter.


Is chlorine bad for your hair is a question that colourists continually get quizzed on and unfortunately the answer is yes. “Chlorine causes abrasion to the cuticles which means they lift further causing you to lose the richness and vibrancy of your colour,” continues Zoe. The good news is you don’t have to avoid the pool altogether. “Put conditioner through your hair before you get into the pool or fill your hair with ‘good’ water such as shower water as this means the hair can’t then fill up with chlorinated water.”

Try: JVN Hair Undamage Strengthening Conditioner, £21 that contains hemisqualane, hydrolysed quinoa and ceramides to protect hair from chemicals and increase its strength, shine and resilience.


“Use heat protection and a good shampoo and conditioner that’s right for your hair type,” advises Rebecca. “If you don’t, it’s like buying an expensive foundation but using soap and water – it won’t be perfect unless you get the basics right.” Like a coat of armour, heat protection acts as a barrier, sealing in moisture to keep your colour safe while stopping external elements like heat and pollution from invading the hair cuticles and causing colour fade.

Try: Oribe Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray, £65 is a light mist that gives a sleek finish (hello shine) and protects hair from heat as well as UV rays and other environmental damage.

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