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Summer has changed the pecking order of our beauty products. Full coverage foundations have been stashed away in favour of tinted spf formulas, eyeshadow is switched for multitasking cream colours, and lipsticks have made way for anything balmy. As for skincare, it’s serum instead of rich comforting creams, SPF trumps exfoliating acids, and then there’s the holy grail of summer skincare essentials - face cleanser. It’s the one product skin can’t truly thrive without - especially when our ‘dewy’ look tips over to the sweaty side. We’re not looking to remove heavy layers of makeup, just lift away the excess oils and potential pore cloggers to leave skin clean, comfortable and hydrated, and I may have found the perfect one.

Malin + Goetz Foaming Cleanser Top Line

A PH-balanced formula designed to give skin a gentle, yet effective cleanse. Packed with natural oils, probiotics and soothing vitamin E, the cream-to-foam formula amalgamates with any excess oil, makeup and grime on the skin’s surface, transforming into a foam facial cleanser on contact to lift away all the unwanted extras.

Everything You Need To Know About Malin + Goetz Foaming Cleanser

Finding a face wash that really, truly genuinely cleanses (to the last trace of liner) and takes the condition of our skin into consideration is no easy task. In fact, I can count the cleansers on one hand that - for me - have passed this challenge. Malin + Goetz Foaming Cream Cleanser, £32 is one of them. The cream-to-foam formula offers a no-effort, thorough cleanse, while leaving skin feeling calm and comforted. What’s more, it’s a great choice for anyone suffering with sensitive skin. Why? 100% fragrance free and packed with prebiotics to support the balance of good and bad bacteria on the skin, ultimately making it more resilient and less likely to flare up in the face of external aggressors. Also in the formula, you’ll find soothing, softening jojoba milk and oil, moisturising meadowfoam seed oil, and a healthy dose of vitamin E to both moisturise and calm the skin. All housed in a recyclable aluminium tube and boasting a vegan and cruelty-free promise, this really is the kindest of all cleansers.

The Verdict On Malin + Goetz Foaming Cleanser

You know the tight feeling some cleansers give you? The ones that really do strip every last trace of makeup, but take all the moisture with them, leaving you reaching for serums and creams for a bit of comfort? This gentle foaming cleanser does the total opposite. In fact, the clever cleanser (which trades oil-stripping sulphates for gentle coconut + lipid derived surfactants) felt so gentle, I could have skipped my regular follow-up routine of nighttime hydration altogether. I didn’t of course, but I could have. The other concern I have when trying any new product is the fear of a flare up - whether that be sensitivity or a breakout the following morning. This caused neither. The soothing solution, laced with natural oils, worked to keep my skin calm and nourished, and - one week of regular use later - not a blemish in sight.

More From Malin + Goetz

If you, like me, have been won over by this gentle cleanser, there are a few other Malin + Goetz products you may wish to try. Keeping on the flare up-free skin routine path, why not follow your cleanse with the soothing and hydrating Malin + Goetz Replenishing Face Serum, £66. Following this with Malin + Goetz Vitamin E Face Moisturiser, £48 - a lightweight formula designed to calm irritated skin with a touch of chamomile - is a sure to keep reactions at bay. Weekly exfoliation with Malin + Goetz Jojoba Face Scrub, £34 helps to encourage healthy skin turnover with a non-abrasive formula, while treating any areas of dryness. And finally (and most importantly) protection Malin + Goetz SPF 30 High Protection Sunscreen, £34, because dodging sun damage is the ultimate goal in keeping skin calm.

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