Theodora Warre

We chatted to the founder of the eponymous jewellery brand, Theodora Warre, about her weekend rituals. We discovered how she fits her beauty routine around her busy schedule and why precious time at the weekend is spent walking the along the Thames with her husband and enjoying a good roast. Read on to find out more…

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The Wind Down

On the weekends, if we’re both in London, my husband and I love to go for a walk along the river and then have a roast in a pub near Hammersmith. We both travel a lot for work, so Sundays are a special time when it’s just the two of us. Now that it’s started to get colder, Sunday afternoons are the perfect opportunity for a guilt-free movie afternoon. As soon as we come home after our walk, we’ll light candles all around the flat, we love scented candles, Diptyque’s Tubereuse and Figuier are two favourites. Then I’ll change into a lovely, cosy lounge suit from Asceno. I always make time to book my exercise classes on a Sunday evening, it really helps when I know they are all pre-booked and organised, so I make sure to fit them in. Then it’s time for a good Netflix series or movie. Peaky Blinders is a current favourite and recently we watched Stranger Things. Around 6pm, I’ll usually have an early bath and will light candles all around the bath. I’ll add a few drops of a beautiful bath oil like one from Aromatherapy Associates. Next to my bath you can always spot the Aesop Geranium Body Leaf Cleanser, which smells delicious. I catch up on what’s been happening in the world by reading The Week magazine while I’m in the bath. Afterwards I’ll apply a dry body oil like Tata Harper’s to nourish and rehydrate my skin. On Sunday nights we treat ourselves to a takeaway, so usually when I’m having a bath my husband will order something for us. Sushi or something light like Lebanese is our go-to or for a special treat we might have a Chinese takeaway.

The Routine

My skin is pretty dry so my top priority is to help replenish and rehydrate it. The first step of my routine is to cleanse my skin with a micellar water, then I’ll double cleanse with De Mamiel Cleansing Balm and tone with Sisley’s Floral Toning Lotion. Depending on the weather I’ll use a rich face cream like La Mer’s Soft Cream. If it’s warmer, for example during the summer months, instead of a moisturiser I’ll use a facial oil like Sisley’s Black Rose Facial Oil. I love doing a sheet mask like Sarah Chapman’s Skinesis Moisture Infusion Mask for quick fix of hydration and brightening. On the weekend I usually stay fresh faced, a slick of mascara, maybe a little concealer and a hint of blush and that’s it. I’ve always been told to drink lots of water and keep your face out of the sun and I truly believe that helps you feel your best. And exercise too – I try and go five times a week whether it’s a yoga class, reformer pilates or a good walk.

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I’ve got really long hair but it’s quite fine and has a tendency to be greasy, so I wash it quite often. Once a week I’ll do an Olaplex Treatment just to really revive it. I have subtle highlights in my hair with a natural dye and I like natural shampoos and conditioners like Malin + Goetz Peppermint Shampoo or the Cilantro Hair Conditioner. I try and avoid using heat on it so only dry it in the winter to stop it getting knotty or giving me a cold, otherwise I let it air-dry into a natural wave. I swear by a good detangling spray too, Christophe Robin’s Detangling Gelée is what I’m trying at the moment.

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I’m a bit of a night owl and usually want to go to sleep later than my husband so quite often I’ll be begging to watch another episode of whatever series we are into. Luckily, my husband is better at sticking to early bedtimes than me so then we’ll usually go and read in bed at about 10.30pm for a while before turning out the lights. I always take a liquorice tea to bed, it’s delicious but not too sweet. Then I’ll apply Votary’s Night Oil and Verso’s Lip Serum to really hydrate and nourish my skin. If I’m finding it hard to switch off, I find a small dab of lavender oil on my pulse points helps me to wind down.

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Monday Morning

I’m super sleepy in the mornings, I’m definitely a snoozer and I can be pretty grumpy when I first wake up! Once I’m up I’ll take my supplements with a glass of water, usually an Omega 3 and some vitamin C. After that I’ll quickly wash my face with water, brush my hair and then I’ll head out to my yoga class at 7.30am. On my way back from class, I pick up a cold coffee almond milk from the local vegan juice bar, which I’m totally addicted to! Then I’ll make breakfast, something like fresh papaya with berries. My yoga practise sets me up in a positive mindset for the day. I arrive at my studio at around 9.30/10am and feel ready to start the new week.

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